Monday, February 24, 2014


February 3, 2014 Seahawks won baby, Woot Woot. Now thats what i like to hear. Last night and this morning we had a bunch of members send texts says they won, cause you know i'm from washington and all. And i told them all that they were going to win, no one believed me though, but hey i hear they destroyed. So how are you all doing, anything interesting been going on, besides football. Laura hasn't written me since Christmas, whats up with that. She said she was going to change, sad day. So as for things here, all is well. You asked about Daphne, ever since the first of January she started working again and we haven't been able to see her, we're still trying but nothing is really happening with her. And as for Chelsie she is the one who came to us with already having an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon and she is getting baptized on the 15th, She is pretty much set, her only struggle is Tea, and she is working on that. Tea is a hard thing for people to give up down here in the south for some reason, worse than coffee. Now lets see what else is there, we got some new beds this weeks, mine had a major sink hole and the box frame was flat on one side, it was pretty bad, they also gave us some office chairs and gave us a list of things to go buy and they will repay us. Our senior couples here are pretty nice. Oh and also on thursday the had elders quorm ball and we brought an investigator and went and played for our ward, we got totally smoked, i'm never been bettin so bad, the other team was full of non-member black guys who were just running circles around us. It was so bad. The south really does play ball a lot different than the west, they are a lot more aggressive out here. Oh and one last thing we get IPADS on Wednesday, oh ya, it's going to be crazy. Well thats about it i love you all so much. Love, Elder Jeremy Johnson P.S. those pics of the ping pong table i sent to anna-marie, but i'll forwad you them, i love you more than all the ping pong balls in the world, and that's a lot if you go to china ebruary 3, 2014

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