Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Now Is the Time" - Hastening the Lord's work.

January 27, 2014 ----(Jeremy) Hi ----(Mom) Good Morning. What is your day like? I'm going to try and get to go to the dump today, for that is what our garbage service is. Meaning we do not have garbage pickup. And it is time, so we borrowed Jared's little truck "The Sexy Mex". ----(Jeremy) oh, that sounds like fun..... . So far our day has been pretty good, did some shopping and cleaning and now just relaxing by the computer, talking to my amazing parents ----(Mom) Great. It sounds like a good day and it is half over for you, and our day has barely begun. Are you going to go play some ball? So, is my amazing missionary son going to tell me more about face-book? ----(Jeremy) Na, today we are just going to relax and enjoy ourselves, we did have a pretty good workout today. And yes i will tell you more about facebook, i'm putting it into my weekly letter. But right now my companion is complaining that he is hungry so we are going to go get some food and come back, i'll let you know when i'm back. I love ya mommy ----(Jeremy) Well, Well looky here mom actually got on facebook, that's a first, never thought that would happen. Na i'm just messing with you. Facebooking for missionaries is pretty sweet, a lot of what we get to do is really amazing, we do post a lot of things on our pages so people can see, but we also do a lot of other things to. Right now i am teaching a couple people on facebook, i've joined some christians groups on facebook and have been posting and talking to people there, we also talk to our investigators on facebook to, and yes of course my wonderful mother is able to comment on things, i just can't talk to you, thats all. Oh and a couple of exciting things that are going on, on facebook right now, is that i have started talking to Whitney, and Justin(justin hall), haven't started teaching any major gospel stuff but that will come. Thought i have bore my testimony to Whitney and So how has my week gone, well like always it has just flown by so so fast. 2 weeks ago only 8 missionaries got ipads, and just this past week all the leaders got ipads, soon on the first of febuary all the missionaries in our mission will have then, kinda exciting but i here that right now they are a pain. As for the weather there is has been interesting. For the past 2-3 weeks it has been going for hot to cold, there will be a couple days where the temp. is in the 70s 80s and then there will be a couple days where it's in the 30s 40s, no inbetweens and when it's cold i mean it is freezing, with the humidity out here the cold gets to the bone and hurts like no other. But right now it is once again warm and i am rocking my shorts and flip flops, oh ya. Now as for missionary work, things have been going pretty good, we have our good days and our slow days but all in all it is going well. Chelsie our investigator with a batismal date is getting baptized on the 15th, and her whole family is going to be there, it is going to be really exciting. Lately we have been getting a lot of media referrals where people go onto or something and ask for missionaries to visit. Normally your lucky to get one a months but we have been gotten 4 or 5 in just these past 2 weeks, the Lord is really hastening his work, this area which was once dead, in now starting to pick up, not just for missionaries but for members also. Members in our ward have really picked things up and are talking to others, they are reading the book "Power of the everyday Missionary"( which you should really read, it's really good) and they are doing what it says, we are having less-actives start coming back, members inviting their friends, it's just amazing to see. The Church right now is really focusing on "NOW IS THE TIME" and i really believe it, things are happening and the lords words is being spread like no other. We just need to hop on the ban wagon and do our part in helping others come closer to our Heavenly Father. Our stake has set a goal to double it's size in order to get a jacksonville temple which is highly likely. Members are praying for a missionary opportunity and they are getting them. I strongly encourage you to do the same, to read the Power of the Everyday Missionary and to pray for opportunities and i promise that they will happen. It is just so easy. Members aren't there to help the missionaries, Missionaries are there to help the members, and it is such a beautiful sight to see. I am so glade to be out here serving a mission right now, and just seeing so many miracles happen, it is truly an amazing thing. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all that you do for me. Enjoy the cold weather, Love, Elder Jeremy Johnson ----(Mom) "I love you to, Jeremy."

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