Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Work Progresses Onward

December 30, 2013 Well this week has really been exciting. Not quite sure what to say seeing as i already talked to y'all on christmas. Christmas was sure wonderful, i loved talking to my amazing family and hearing how things are going. After i finished talking to y'all we went over to the Mullins for christmas dinner. It was pretty good, we had a ton of mexican food and they did a good job on it. As for the rest of the week not much really happened. Elder Greenlaw was pretty sick for most of the time so we couldn't do much but we did get out a bit. The sisters in our ward had a baptism on saturday, they baptized an 11 year old girl, oh and on a side note, Brannon the one we baptized earlier his girlfriend who at first didn't wanted anything to do with the church at all surprised him and meet with sister missionaries and now has a baptismal date and Brannon is going to baptize her. Pretty cool. Oh and on sunday we had a miracle. One of our investigators Daphne who is pretty solid about two weeks ago we had to give her over to the sisters because her fiance was getting really jealous and giving her a hard time, so we decided that it would be best for the sisters to start seeing her. Well they haven't been able to go over yet and on sunday Daphne came to church and stayed for all 3 hours, she said that she loved it and was for sure going to come back next sunday. She also told us that she broke things off with her fiance because he was just giving her to much of a hard time and she didn't like it. She is so ready to get baptized, this week we are going to set a date with her and her kids. Well thats about it for the week. I loved talking to you all on christmas. Love Elder Jeremy Johnson P.S. The reason why were are late in writting is because we were hanging out with some others earlier playing ping pong and what not. But now i here. Greenlaw is getting better, i haven't got sick yet but he has gotten lots of others sick. There is a really bad virus going around right now. Sounds like loki is just following in jareds footsteps in being a little trouble maker. P.S.S. Hey i'm not sick yet!!!! And as for ping pong, members heard that we had that minny one that Laura gave me, so they gave us a actually net and paddle and we made our own geto table which actually looks pretty sweet. And sad to say no i'm not the best at it. I'm still far from it, my companion woops me every time

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