Monday, January 27, 2014

I Made Shrimp

December 9, 2013 Hey Hey Hey, hows it going. Sounds like the Northwest is going to be having a cold snowy year. After the last couple years of warm weather. I hear that Utah got a ton of snow and you all have a little going on to. That's one of the big things that i am missing this winter. And hey mom you made popcorn balls. Don't you know the rules about that you are suppose to send me some too, What's up with that? Well as my parents are freezing there little bums off typing me i am in a nice 80 degree weather here writing them back. And to my surprise i got on to my emails with a ton of letters from mom sitting there. I'm surprised that she actually loves me enough to write me that much . It really is good to hear from you all. I just can't wait to hear from Laura. If there is one thing that i want for christmas it is to have my big sister finally write me a letter out here. And hey i think that might actually happen. Now as for my week. This week has really flown by, it feels like it was just Pday the other day and now it is back again. Now as for what i did. Well it included a lot of teaching and a lot and a lot of missionary work. This week we also did a lot of service. On monday night we were with a family and helped them decorate there christmas tree. And hey while we were there i even made shrimp all by myself, okay i was told what to do the whole time what to do. But it was still cool. Then this week we helped one of our investigators Daphne paint here garage and we also helped the Taylors put up christmas lights onto there house. Now you can see pictures of this if you go on facebook and look at my pictures they might not be up right away put soon will be. I'm not the one putting them there others are. We had our ward christmas party this week also, which was really good. We took pictures with santa which are going to be on facebook also. Hey i actually don't think i am friends with mom on facebook what is up with that? So exciting news Brannons baptism is this saturday and it is going to be so amazing. I get to give him the Holy ghost the following sunday, which i am kinda nervous about and that same sunday the whole stake presidency will be there also. We are getting a new bishopbric and i am in the choir and we will be singing that sunday to. It is going to be so crazy. Well thats about it, i have been writting in my journal this week 4 days in a row, which i have never done before. I am trying to get better at it but its hard to write in your journal. Well i love you all.

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