Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Januaru 13,2013 Well, not much to say this week. It has flown by once again, but for some reason when mondays come around i can't remember what all happened. So lets see for the whole week we had the sisters car because Greenlaw had injured himself and i have to say it felt so good to be driving again, we gave back their can yesterday, and now we are on bikes again which sucks. Oh and also this week we did a lot of service, we helped a food pantry down here paint their walls, ended being there for a lot longer than we thought, but it was still fun, i got paint all over myself and by the end my arms were so sore, they had me do all the trim work and Greenlaw got to use the roller the whole time. As for missionary work we were able to go out with a members and see some really interesting people, one just wanted to bash with us the whole time but was holding back because she wants us to come back again. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Oh and one of the families out here has a friend that they want us to start teaching, she already has a testimony of the book of mormon so things will go really good with her. Well i really can't think of much else to say, today we are going to St. Augustine and playing some volleyball again, so that will be fun. We'll i love ya all so much. Love, Jeremy

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