Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Packages Arrived

December 23, 2013 Well I thought that i should write you a letter even though i will be talking to you in two days. So it will be a short letter as i also don't have much time. We are going to st. Augustine to play some volleyball with some other elders and will be there all day. First off i am not sure yet when i will be able to talk to you on christmas. We have breakfast with a family at 8 and will be there for a while but they're leaving before lunch to go see their relatives, and we also have a family for dinner. We are trying to find someone for during the day. So i will be able to talk during one of those times. It might have to be in the morning though. But i will figure it out and might message anna-marie on facebook and let her or someone know tomorrow. Well as for how this season has been going so far, it has been going pretty good. These past two weeks have flown by so fast, it's crazy to think christmas is in a couple days. I have gotten two packages so far. One from clifton with a couple gifts and a ton of salt water taffy which is just amazing. Everyone is in love with it. And i also got the package from Laura and it is so amazing i love her for it, 12 days of christmas, brings excitement to me every night when i get to open a new gift, and each one is awesome. Now as for having christmas in florida, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm still rocking shorts and flip flops and we are playing sand volleyball today in 80 degree weather. I miss the snow so bad, it's just not the same without it. Well thats about it i will tell you more on christmas and can't wait until i get to talk to my family. I am so excited. Hopefully you get skype worked out otherwise i will be happy just to talk to you. Love you so much Elder Jeremy Johnson

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