Monday, January 27, 2014

Brannon - Baptism

December 16, 2013 So how has my week been you might ask. Well it has been really crazy. It flew by so fast, by far the fastest week we have had in a long time. I feel like i was just barely writting you. Well lets see what has happened. Lets start all the way back on last p-day. That night we ended up playing some basketball at the church with Marcus an 14 year old boy we have been teaching we also had the Todds a family in the ward that are really good friends with him come. It was a lot of fun, been a while since i played some ball, didn't think i still had it in me, guess i do. I can even some what dunk. By in high school i use to be able to dunk a nerf ball, but once i gratuated that all stopped, but now i can almost dunk a real basketball. I touch rim and all and bring the ball up, just cant get it into the hoop, tonight we are playing again so i will make sure i still got it in me. Then Tuesday, tuesday was a busy day we taught a total of 5 investigator lessons which is really hard for us to do in one day. Most of it happened when we went out with member on splits that night, It was an all around good day, and lots happened. Then Wednesday came around and we went on trade off with the district leader. I went to St. Johns with his companion Elder Lewis and not much really happened that night, the only funny thing that happened was that he got hit on by a couple 13 year old girls. Other than that, that was about it. Now for the exciting part of the week. When thursday rolled around we had our mission Christmas party, which was a lot of fun. Every zone was told to do a talent and needless to say ours was the worst, some elder in our zone wanted to sing O come o come emmanuel, which went really bad, and all the others zones did funny skits, after that we had dinner and had a musical devotional with scripture readings it was very nice. At the end before we left we got a bunch of little christmas gifts, and a mission pin that you pin on your suite, except we are suppose to wear them until we get home. I even magically got some letters from my lovely family back home and if i remember right i believe that there was one from Laura in there. I really did love them and there were wonderful to read. After that Friday came around, that night a family took us to St. Augustine to see the Christmas lights. We took a trolley around town and got to wear 3D glasses on the was, pretty cool, but not as amazing as Salt Lake. While we were there we walked around the main street and ended up getting some gator heads. There pretty cool. Only $10, not bad. Then after all that the big day finally came. Saturday was a completely fun day. We were at the church all day long. Having to fill the font for the baptism. So Brannon Mullins finally got baptized, it was so wonderful to see a blessing like that happen. Elder Greenlaw did that baptism and i witnessed with Bro. Barker. Greenlaw almost dropped him to, seeing as how the man is 6'3" and 320 pounds, and it was the first time he preformed the baptism. But it all went well. And on sunday i gave him the Holy Ghost and i have to say i was scared, i have never done it before and especially in front of a whole congregation. But it went really good and was wonderful. Oh and also that day we got a new bishopbric so things will be kinda interesting to see how they go. Oh and i almost forgot Saturday night after the baptism we had to stay at the church for a wedding to. The wedding was for Rick and Sarah. Rick was the man we baptized when i first came into the area. The wedding was really nice and the reception was done really good. The only hard part was when they started playing music and dancing. We wanted so bad to go up there and join them but couldn't. We felt like those akward kids that stand on the side and watch. But oh well it was still a lot of fun and it was an amazing week. Well Thats about it i hope you are all having a fun holiday season and things are going good. Try not to get into to much trouble. Love Elder Jeremy Johnson

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