Monday, January 27, 2014

Memories, Miracles, Testimonies

December 2, 2013 Alright then lets see what has been going on. It sounds like you all are having a lot of fun. For some reason though i thought Mom would be writing me longer letters than Dad, but oh well i see how it is. So you have your christmas tree up, we do to, except ours is only a foot and a half with hardly anything on it. But it's weird out here they say it's winter but it doesn't feel like it, there isn't any snow out so there's no way it can be winter. Right now i am wearing shorts and sandals and it is December. There is something wrong with that. All the Floridians are wearing jackets and sweaters and all the missionaries are still wearing short sleeve shirts. Well this past week has been pretty interesting, we had an amazing thanksgiving. We played turkey bowl in the morning and got beat up a little then we hung out with families and had a couple dinners. I have to say though while we were at our bishops place it was all of his family and the Sister missionaries and us and all of us missionaries did get a little homesick, they were going around saying what they are thankful for and it just overloaded us with memories. But all in all it was a good thanksgiving. Then We also had a couple miracles happen. On Saturday we were riding our bikes down to Green Cove to do some work and on the way down there Greenlaw got a flat tire. So we were going to have to walk 2 miles to a members place that could help us, but a guy in a truck pulled over and helped us out, he took us to Wallmart and on the drive there we got talking. Turns out he has been around mormons his whole live and right now he was getting a little interested in what we were all about. just a little while ago he started looking through the book of mormon. So needless to say that was a big miracle, we got his address and and going to go see him some time soon. As for our other miracle is was yesterday at church. We had an amazing church service. We had 3 investigators there. But the best part was the testimony meeting. During it Elder Greenlaw and i both went up and bore our testimonies and then after that our investigator Brannon who is going to be getting baptized soon went up and bore his testimony. It was so powerful and amazing. He is deathly afraid of public speaking and his testimony was so powerful. Then on top of that we had a guy just show up to church come over to us and told us he wanted to know more. It was truly an amazing day. So that is pretty much how our week went. The sister missionaries are getting on our nerves though. Brannon our most solid investigator they are trying to teach now also for some reason. He has already had all the lessons so they are just going over there and reading. And they are going over there all the time. This past week we have been over to his place 3 time and they have been over there 5. It crazy what there doing and if we try to say something to them they get all upset. It's just frustrating some of the things that they do. But all is well, so i guess there isn't much we can do about it. I love you all. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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