Sunday, January 26, 2014

Story Time

November 18, 2013 Where to start, Where to start. Well first mom had asked about that picture. It was just down by the St. Johns river. The bike trail that we take a lot has a little off branch that leads down to the river and that is what we found down by it. Not much wildlife though. There are tons of squirrels all around on the bike path. They like to jump at our tires and fly backwards, kinda funny to watch. We even say a gator this week. In was in a ditch between the road and sidewalk as we were biking, but we weren't able to get a picture because it hurried away into a drain pipe. But as for my week here it has been alright. Not much has really happened. We have had our ups and downs, but are still chug chugging along. On Wednesday we had another zone conference for some reason. But it was good, and really long at the same time. We had to show up at the building at 8 in the morning and didn't leave until almost 5. President and Sister Craig for the past couple of weeks have been telling all of us to get flu shoots, but no one has really been doing that. So they got a deal with someone to get us all free flu shots. So when we got to zone conference that had those who wanted to get flu shots, they encouraged every one to get one, and most did. I was talking with some friends while they were in line waiting to get there shots, and Sister Craig (our mission mom) was walking by and of course someone and to say something to here that i wasn't going to get one. So she pulled me aside and did what moms are best at and quilt tripped me into getting a shot, so needless to say i got one. As for the rest of zone conference it was pretty good. The same old, same old. As for the rest of the week not much really happened to be completely honest. I found out that i have bad luck with bikes. I got to flat tires this week. One on my companions bike, and one on mine. My whole mission i have just had bad luck with them. They just need to put me in a car and then there will be no more problems. As for our investigators, the one that we worked the most with this week was Brannon Mullins. I have already told you a little about him. At first he just wanted us to read the Book of Mormon with me and answer his questions. But this week he asked us to start teaching him the lessons. He even committed to come to church yesterday. But satan has really been working hard on him. He was unable to make it to church and ended up going to the E.R. for chest pains. That night we were able to visit him and give him a blessing. This week we have given a lot of Blessings, it is suck a neat experience to be apart of. So now i think that is about it. I love you all so much. have fun with loki and bonfires and mountain biking and whatever else it is you do.

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