Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Piano Fun

March 17, 2014   St . Patrick's Day
Hey so things here in Florida have been pretty good. The weather though has been kinda weird. It'll be cold and rain then nice and sunny then rainy again. For the most part it has been pretty warm. Now as for what we have done I am having a hard time remembering, there's just been so much. At times it felt like we couldn't find anything to do, but something always came up. Earlier in the week we were able to see the Meeks, they are the ones with the six kids getting baptized, the parents went out of town this past weekend so the kids were not able to come to church, normally you have to come to church three times before you can get baptized but we got special permission from the bishop to get them baptized after only two Sundays. So if they make it to church this
next week then they can still get baptized on the 29th. As for our other investigator Michael who had a date, he is starting  not to really care as much and as of right now his date has been cancelled, he really stressed to him the importance of reading the Book of Mormon which he hasn't been doing and we will be following up with him tomorrow on how it is going, hopefully he read.

Now as for interesting news, earlier in the week I found out I got a nail In my bike tire. It was about an inch long and when I pulled it out it in deflated within seconds. I guess I will be having to get new treads here soon. They are pretty shot. Then on Saturday we were able to do some service for one of our investigators, we laid down mulch for like three hours. Surprisingly it was kinda fun. Oh and then yesterday we helped move a piano like a third a mile. It was a pretty funny site to see, six missionaries pushing a piano down the street, oh and at one point we were passing a bunch of black kids playing basketball so elder Nally started playing pirates of the carabiean on
the piano as we pushed it, it was pretty funny. Then earlier today some members in my last area the Taylor's took us and some other missionaries out to go bowling. We had a pretty good time, then they took us to an all you can eat pizza joint and of course we filled ourselves like no other. So needless to say this week has been a pretty good week. Remember I love you all.


Helping Sis. Bradley move her piano down the street.  What fun we had!!!!

Breakfast for dinner after moving the piano.

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