Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nerf Ammo

March 24, 2014
       Whats going on? i got no emails this week and only one last week from mom. Whats up with that. Anyway things here are going great, time is flying by so so fast this week doesn't even feel like it's been a even a day, crazy part is we had so many appointments fall through but time seemed to still go by fast. Alright so lets see what has happened, besides the majority of our appointments falling through we still had some good visits with people, so Micheal Lawson, he is still interested and when we went to go see him turns out one of his friends was there and he didn't even know she was mormon, so that was pretty cool. Then latter on in the week we did some more service laying mulch down for our investigators friend, we thought she had a small area but turns out it was huge, we were there for 3 hours and didn't even finish, we will be going back tomorrow to finish, which is alright because she will feed us again and she also is interested in the book of mormon, so we are able to talk to her about that.

Now for the best story there is one family with the six kids that we are teaching. We ended up seeing them almost every single day this week. They will be getting baptized this saturday and it is going to be amazing. We have been reviewing things with them and they are remembering things so well. On tuesday they are getting their interview and then everything will be solid. Those kids are pretty cool, we go over there and play basketball or football with them for a little bit and then sit down and have a lesson and they actually pay attention pretty good for a bunch of kids between the ages of 8 to 12. Now for one last story. So for christmas Clifton got me a nerf gun, well guess what happened, a couple days ago my comp. got a care package from his mom with two nerf guns and ammo, so we started messing around with those and the elders right next to us came and would mess around to, so today the other elders went to the store and got themselves nerf guns too, and today for pday we just had an all out nerf gun war in out apartment. It was pretty crazy, we arranged our apartment with obstacles and just went crazy with different ways of playing, needless to say i was the best ;). JK. Well that about sums things up for me over here on the east coast, hopefully my family will remember how much they love me and write me some time. Especially Laura, cause she said she would do better, what happened!!! Well just remember i love you all more than all the nerf bullets in the world(thats for you mom). 

Love Jeremy

"Nerf Ammo"

"Our epic preparations for the war to come....."

"That's the epic fortress I'm speaking of. When you use a C4 you count down from 5 and then one of the cushions or bean bags gets taken off from wherever you placed the C4. Yep! :)"
One more pic, this one is from last monday on st pattys day, the spanish elders came over and we had green pancakes, aparently Elder Pynes mom would make them for him every st pattys day back home

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