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Easter 2014

April 21st, 2014  Easter
 Hey how's it going, how was Easter? This week was crazy, we had a lot
of good times. But where to begin, let's see oh that's right my
birthday was this week, oh ya..... My family loves me so much that
they sent me a package filled with goodies. I got some gummy bears
which I have been graving for the past two months, and I got my usual
sour patch kids and Swedish fish that I fall in love with every time I
get them. Oh and I got a pair of khaki pants (which were a bit to big
for me especially around the waist and were three inches to long, so
today I got a new pair, thank you), a pretty cool tie and lots of
other stuff, oh and a big Easter basket with lots of eggs filled with
candy, all of them had a face drew on it with a name on the back, even
Loki had one filled with dog food(my goal is to get someone to eat
it!!!) b
ut for some reason there wasn't one of me..... Oh well I still
loved it.

So now for what I did for my birthday, i made my district leader(Elder
Ales) do trade offs that day so I could hang out with him and enjoy my
birthday, he served in Fleming island(my last area) also so we got
some of the members to come out and feed us here. We had the Taylor's
come and take us out to lunch at Texas road house, which was my first
time ever going there, it was pretty good, there evens little video of
it posted on Facebook that would probably put a smile on your face,
you should check it out. Then for dinner that night we had the
wheelers from my last area come out and feed us to, man those two
families are probably my favorite families out here, so needless to
say I had I pretty awesome birthday, except I never got a chance to
make the cake you sent, I was good and didn't open my presents until
my birthday!!!  Oh and then the next day I was pooped by the end, so
the night of my birthday we stayed up until 3 in the morning just
taking and got like 3 hours of sleep and on Saturday we were doing
service for like 3 hours for one of our investigators named Mark. We
were trying to pull out a stump, which was my first doing so, we had
helped him chop down the tree a while back but left four feet of it
and cut it in half, I guess that helps for pulling it out. Well on
Saturday we spent three ours digging around it cutting the roots so we
could pull it out. I realized that my hands have gotten so soft out
here, doing the digging I got a tone of blisters on my hands, well
time to toughen them up. The. When night rolled around I was beat,
only having 3 hours of sleep, not eating anything that day until 5 at
night and even then is was just a sandwich, so when night rolled
around I was ready to head back to our apartment and sleep.

Then Easter was just as awesome, we had a pretty interesting sacrament
meeting, we had two speakers that did a really good job, one was a
sister missionary and the other was a youth speaker which both did a
really good job but took a lot of time and hardly left anytime for the
third speaker, so here is what he did, he went up to the pulpit ripped
up his talk in front of all of us and quoted a Joseph smith quote
bearing testimony of the church and sat down. It totally took the
bishopbric by surprise and was way to funny, and so sacrament meeting
ended right at the hour. Then for dinner that night we went over to
the Bradley's which apparently you already got the pics from. After
that we had another dinner with at another members house, the
Malcolm's, which are a way cool family, they crack me up every time we
go over, and last night they were just off the walls, making jokes
left and right. And I'm pretty sure they had a little to drink that
night but it was still fun, oh and I had lamb for my first time there
to, Laura always says that it really isn't that good, but she did a
really good job at cooking it and it was amazing. So that pretty much
sums up our week here, things were good and we for sure worked hard
and played hard.

Love you all

Hows it going mom, i miss you......
Ya Shawna(sis Bradley) is way cool, i love how she takes so many pics and send them to you, it makes my job a little easier. haha. Ya i had a pretty awesome birthday, hanging with Elder Ales and all.  And ya i wasn't able to make the cake but i'm pretty sure i will be doing it this week, it sounds so good right now.

As for my bike, it is broken right now, i'm using another elders bike until the first of the month when i have money on my pros. card to buy the parts i need. So i first started having bike problems 6 months ago and most of it had to do with my brakes, when i first went to them i thought it had something to do with my disc brake pads, thinking that they were almost gone, but they said that those last forever and did something else to the bike instead, and everytime i went to the bike shop they always said it was something else and would make me pay for it, the most recent one was this past week, when i went in thinking it must be my brake wires, they said it would cost $30 just for the labor, so i took the wires which was like $10 and did it myself, needless to say it didn't do anything, so finally i looked at the brake pads again and they are totally shot, bike shops have no idea what they are talking about and have taken way to much money from me, but hey now i know how to do most of the work on my bike by myself now. But i have to wait until next month before i can finally fix it.....

Well thats about it, remember mom i love you. I love you more than all birthday candles in all the world, yep thats alot

love Jeremy

April 20th
 These are the boys being silly with their iPads then my daughter got baptized then for Easter I got them all a little basket and elder Johnson and Russell came over for dinner and egg dying.
(Shawna Bradley)
"Happy Easter"

More egg dying and silliness.

Jeremy is the Best

"The Johnson Smiley Face"

These pictures are just from aaa night when I just had the boys over for dinner. They are all so silly. I love being around. 

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