Friday, January 23, 2015

A Fabulous Week in April

A Fabulous Week
Another fabulous week here in orange park Florida, many stories to be
told and experiences to be shared. Our weeks have been getting better,
we were at a rough point where not much was happening but now things
are slowly starting to pick back up. This week we meet with Lisa
again, who when I first got here she had a baptism date and
everything, but that all fell through because of her smoking problem
and her husband not supporting her in it, so we had stopped seeing
them for a while, but now they had to move out of their apartment so
she is still living in the same area but with her daughter and her
husband is in another city now, so anyway win him gone she is ready to
starting coming to church again and quit smoking, we made a smoking
calendar with her to quit smoking with a goal on it of a baptismal
date for the 31st of May, hopefully all will go well with that. Oh
then on Wednesday we had a district meeting e the mission president
and his wife decided to drop in on it, so that was a nice surprise.
Afterward they even gave elder Russell and I a ride home, kinda cool
but wired at the same time.

Now of course we did more service this week, and it was for Hellen,
who is the one that we go over to almost every week, this time we
pruned bushes and laid more mulch down. She is really nice to us,
feeding us every time and always interested in the message that we
have to share, she has even been telling her friends at church about
us and now they want us to go over and do service for them. Now the
funny thing with this is on Sunday we went into the relief society
room to make a announcement about us being hungry and them needing to
feed us more, so I shared with them this experience of Hellen and all
the service we do and how her friends want us to come to service for
them also and them I told them that in order to do service you need
energy and how do you get energy, FOOD(they all said) and then all the
women started laughing and after church when we went to look at the
dinner calendar we have a full week of dinners this week with more to

Oh one more cool story, so on Friday night we had dinner with this one
couple Matt and Lindsey and Lindsey wanted us to come over and share a
good message with Matt to get him to start coming back to church more
fully, so we got there and really hit it off with them, shared a
pretty awesome message and on Sunday saw Matt at church, Lindsey told
us that day that after we had left their house Matt had his desires
changed. That night they read from the Book of Mormon right after we
left and they have continued to every night since then. On Sunday Matt
had a headache and went home after the sacrament, but told Lindsey
that right when she gets home they are gonna read some more. When I
heard all this, I was like wow that is so awesome, and I am so excited
for him.

Now one last story about service, so on Saturday a kid in the ward was
doing his Eagle Scout service project and for it he was cleaning up a
creek. There was about 25 of us that showed up and all we really did
was clean up this creeks which went for like 4 miles just picking up
trash, but I have to say it was pretty cool, while we were down in it,
it felt like we were in a swamp bush wacking our way through, I only
got one foot soaked like most people there, but there was two that
ended up falling into the creek. Down there we found a lot of hobo
camps here and there, at one we even found a tin boat that was sunk
but tied up to a tree, so bro La Fountained and I pulled it out and
drained it and the. He and another person got in and paddled around,
ohh I was so close to getting in also, even though I'm not suppose to
it was so tempting. Man I miss the water. But ya anyway it was a
pretty good Eagle Scout project and a lot of fun. Remember I love you
all and try not to have to much fun without me this summer.
Love ya, Jeremy

April 28th - Diamond House
Hey so I got bored one day and was looking at google maps on my iPad and
looked at our old house, it looks so bad now, the house itself looks good
but the yard is ugly, the grass isn't green anymore and all the flowers and
plants are gone and that fence is just nasty looking.
It looks like just a normal Hilliard house not the Johnson house it once

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