Thursday, January 22, 2015

April 2014

Party farewell - April 20th
These pictures are from a going away party I threw for an elder that was going home. Elder Johnson is so silly. He's posing in these pictures pretending he is eating. I'm sorry if some of them are a little blurry.   (Shawna Bradley)

  At the end of the night all of the missionaries (I had eight that night) got up and gave their favorite scripture and bore their testimonies. 

 At the end of the night we all knelt down for a prayer then someone said bring it in so we all put our hands in. And of course had to get silly pictures afterwards.

 House Cleaning  - April 20th
 Hello sister Johnson. I'm a little behind on my emailing of the pictures so I apologies for sending so many at once. In these pictures our ward was doing a service project for a lady that moved into our ward and her house needed a lot of work.
                          from, Shawna Bradley

My Birthday is This Week!!!!
Me, Me, Me. It's my birthday this week. And boy is it gonna be weird, first birthday away from home. But hey at least I've been getting my wings out here. We have a member that takes us to Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesdays, and they are actually pretty good, but they don't even come close to comparing to moms, that glaze she does is amazing. But ya exciting week this week.

 April 14, 2014
Hey family how's it going. I hear that you all have had a pretty
exciting week. Well how's my week you might ask, well it has been
pretty interesting to say the least. It seems to have been a lot
similar to last week, it went by fast and yet the work was kinda slow
again. We have been dropping a lot of our investigators who just
aren't going anywhere, and then at the same time it seems that our
investigators that are pretty solid have been moving. Turns out we are
not the only ones going through this our whole district is in the same
boat and most of the mission is also, crazy right. Well we set big
goals this week to change that and we are going to be doing lots of
finding in order to do so.

Now what has happened this past week. Well let's see we did a lot of
service for an investigator that we do service for every week and she
once again gave us a lot of food to take home, she has kinda turned
into our grandma out here, she is so amazing. Oh and we have meet quit
a few kinda crazy people this week, the stories that people tell us
sometimes about their lives we don't really need to know, but none the
less they and interesting to hear. Oh and hey I have been getting
pretty good at basketball in this area, every Wednesday we have a
bible study where there is only like 4 non members there and it
usually goes pretty good, but afterwards there is always like 40 black
guys that come to our open gym night and we will play with them, when
I first got to Florida I hated playing ball with people out here,
cause they play a different kind of play than back home. They are a
lot more aggressive. But anyways I have been getting pretty good. We
play with them on Wednesday night, and with some others on Saturday
morning, and then on p-day a bunch of missionaries get together at our
church building and we play ball. So needless to say I have been
playing a lot of basketball.

Oh and hey guess what, so you know how the Fort Lauderdale temple has
been having its open house,well for the dedication they will be
broadcasting it to our building and we will be able to get to see it.
So it will be on a Sunday and there won't be a normal church service
instead there will be the dedication, and in order to enter the church
on that day you have to have a temple recommend. Needless to say I am
so so excited and can't wait. Oh guess what else, my birthday is this
week, oh ya, can't wait. Well that about sums it up.

I love you all so much

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