Thursday, January 22, 2015

April - Still in Orange Park

 April 7, 2014
 How's things going over there on the opposite side of the states? Bet
it's not as good as over here. This past week has been pretty good,
and gone by fast once again. We sadly didn't get very much teaching
in. Our teaching pool dropped quite a bit after our last baptism and
we also dropped a lot of people who just weren't going anywhere. So
this week we have spent a lot of time trying to find new people to
teach and sadly it has been rough, we have talked to a lot of people
but just no one is really interested. So we did have one interesting
experience this past week, the other elders had this guy call them who
wanted to meet up, turns out there was five of them and they told the
other elders to bring back up, such as kids that were about to go on a
mission, so the other elders asked up to come just in case anything
happened, I guess they said it all seemed pretty sketchy. So we went
with they and it was just a Christian group from a college who just
wanted to come and bash with us. So we ended that pretty fast with
bearing or testimony and leaving.

Other than that General Conference was pretty amazing, we watched all
the sessions at the church, it was manly just missionaries that were
there, but it was still amazing.

Love ya all

Elder Jeremy

  Yep still here in orange park with the same address. Sounds like you all have had a really fun week with the water getting all messed up and all.

 April 1st, 2014

Wow, this transfer has just flown by way to fast. I feel like I have
only been here a week or so but now the transfer is over. Alright so
what has happened lets see this week we did a lot of service again,
the one lady that I told you about last week that we laid mulche for
well we went back last Tuesday and yesterday, we have done so much for
her and she is just awesome, Hellen will read the scripture passages
that we leave and then have lunch and a lesson after service, oh and
she feeds us so good and always gives us a lot to take home, aww do we
love her. Then we also did some service for a recent convert, the ward
did a big service project for her, renovating her place that she had
rented out pretty much. We had a pretty good turn out, six
missionaries and like 15 members. Not bad, so doing so I was outside
for pretty much all of it, cutting down trees and what not, and I got
soaked like no other, three hours in the rain gets to you, but it was
still fun.

No for as missionary work goes, time flys yet it feels like we didn't
get much done this week. Some of our investigators we had to drop
cause they are not progressing anymore, so now we are stuck trying to
find new people to teach, and now one will pop up here or there. Oh
and for the exciting news, WE HAD A BAPTISM on Saturday!!! It was
awesome, our wars for the past four weeks has had a baptism every
week. And Saturday was just amazing with having six kids get baptized.
They had their cousin and great grandpa baptize them, it was so cool
to see, and then the next day made it even better, on Sunday we had
the confirmations of the six kids in a row, their great grandpa did
all of them and the spirit was just so powerful in the room, now for
the funny part of it, after the confirmations the sacrament wasn't
passed until after 12:30 and it only left 15 minutes for testimonies,
but it was an amazing sacrament meeting. Oh and another interesting
thing is our district pretty much got our zones goal this month for
baptisms, God has truly blessed this area this past month.

Now to end thing, so before I do I have our thing to say. Our
apartment sucks. It smells like weed so bad cause of our next door
neighbor, and this week has just been so much worse than the rest of
the month, we told the front office about it and our senior couple and
they are gonna see what then can do, cause no amount of febrees will
work. Well other than that all has been well and I am just loving it
Another Pet????

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