Friday, January 23, 2015

May - Waycross, Georgia

My new address is 503 Union street, Waycross, Georgia 31501
I would love some mail!!!

Well I officially have a new companion and am in a new area. My first
week here has been pretty interesting to say the least. So back on
Wednesday we had transfers and that's when I came up here. There is
two wards up here and here was an elder in each one getting
transfered. So they drove down to transfers by themselves and gave me
and elder wirthlin the car to drive back oh and meet our new
companions. Well we put the address into the gps and headed off, it
ended up taking us a weird route we went through downtown Jacksonville
on all these side streets and the. Finally got on the highway. It took
us two hours to get up there but we made it. My new comp is Elder
Redd, now how would I describe him, well he is black and I guess that
about sums things up. Na he is pretty interesting, from west Africa
but has lived in the states for 10 years. He is 23 and is a 5 year
convert. Oh and I can't understand half the things he says and he
talks a lot whether to me or himself. So ya that him.

So Wednesday night we went to the church and saw some members, talked
with the bishop for a little bit, he seems pretty cool, his daughter
served her mission in Spokane and has been home for two months now, so
we talked about that. And the next night we were at there house for
dinners. Turns out I had meet her back home. When I gave my farewell
talk in the ponderosa ward she was one of the sister missionaries that
had just got into the ward, her name is Katie hood, after I gave the
talk she came up and told me that her family lived in my mission and I
should look for them. I had totally forgotten about that until I meet
the bishop, so that was pretty cool to see her and talk about Spokane.
Now my first full day here was pretty interesting. To start things off
elder redd got the car stuck in the mud pretty good, ended up having
to get a member to pull us out. So we are in a car share, we have a
car for a week then bike for a week, not to bad. Then that day we also
went and saw the major to see if there is any service we can do, when
we told him that he got all excited and wants us to come back today to
talk to the board and introduce our selves to them. This town is
probably the size of deer park I would say.

Then on Friday we finally got our apartment outfitted. So all the
elders used to stay I. The same apartment out here but the just ended
that so we got a brand new apartment and for the first two days we
only had our beds and study desks in the apartment now we have
everything. Then that night we ate at a members house and had soup and
sandwiches, it was probably the nastiest food I have had my entire
mission, eating those sandwiches it seriously almost came back up a
couple of times.

Then on Saturday we had a good day, the sisters had a baptism that we
went to in the morning which was pretty good then we had a full day to
visit people. Our teaching pool out here is pretty good, a lot of
black people. Oh and that day we also saw a less active by the name of
Rhim, a old man who they have been visiting for a while, his excuse of
why he wasn't coming to church was because he had no church shoes, so
right then and there I took off my shoes and gave them to him, I
didn't even think about. Just did it and I don't regret doing it
either, he ended up coming to church on Sunday and says he is going to
keep coming, oh ya. Then on Sunday we had an investigator who said he
would come to our church if we visited his, so in the morning we went
to there Sunday school class which was pretty interesting, I was the
only white guy there, and the class wasn't all to bad, so now we plan
on seeing him at church next Sunday. Then after that we went to
church, I got to know a lot of the members, and almost all of them out
here have a southern accent, first time I've really been in an area
where everyone speaks that way. But the members are pretty cool.

Well I have said a lot, so I guess I will end things. This week has
been good and this area will hopefully be a lot of fun.

Love you all

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