Friday, January 23, 2015

Sept. 2014: My Loaner Bike

 What a crazy picture.  Even the painting is askew.  What's the story?

Sept. 16, 2014   "Our New Companion"
 He followed us around one day for an hour or two. came up to doors with us while tracking and would just sit there quietly. really well behaved dog. Elder Redd was scared of him though, he's scared of all dogs.

Welcome to Waycross, Georgia


I love the pictures that you sent, I love getting pictures. And as for how hints are going this week, it's been great, the week before was just a little rough but we all good now, this last was full of lots of interesting stories. Sounds like you have been having a fun time with grandma, if she wants to be with somebody 24/7, just send her on a mission and they will have no chose but to stay by her(only joking) but I do miss those good times with you watching tv, we will have lots to catch up on when I get home, making up for those 2 years. So hey last week you said that you were going to be starting something this week, but wouldn't tell me until now, so what is it? I love you mommy, don't forget that. I love you more than all the pictures that have ever been taken!!!

Yes, you are looking good!!  So what was I going to start last week?  You really want to know?  I started Balkan Dancing, it is a International Folk dancing.  Dances from Russia, Turkey, Greece and others around there.  We are living in a prime area for international folk dancing.  It has always been a goal / dream to learn the many different dances.  Something that I wished I had started 30 years ago, so that my children would have been a part of it.  But that didn't happen.  So now I have started, last week I just didn't want to jinx it, and not go.  Laura went with me.  I think she had fun.  She says she can't dance, but it sure looked like she was, she looked good.  It is on Friday evenings on the north/east side of Seattle downtown area.  About 50 mile one way, takes an hour to get there.  But worth it.  They have an instructional class for the first hour, then open dancing for everyone.  Does cost a little bit.  All adults, about my age, a few
> younger than me, and some a lot older than me, I think.  They were really nice, and not nerdy.  So I have committed to go for at least the next couple of months to a year.  It feels good.  That's my big secret.  Love, Mom

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