Monday, March 30, 2015

Time is Flying By

March 30, 2015
Wow time sure is flying by, it crazy, most of my mission finding and teaching has always been so easy but for some reason these past few weeks, everything seems to just fall through, and no one seems to want to talk with us. But we are still working hard and getting out there. hopefully things will pick up for us these last two weeks. And it seems everyone in the ward here is starting to find out. I haven't really told anyone but yesterday at church people started making comments, and boy with everyone talking to you about how you only have 2 weeks left it hard not to think about it. So anyway as for this past week, well there are three part member families that we are working with and all are coming along really well, for one of them the mom doesn't want to come to church, but her 9 year old son does, another is a 14 year old girl where her mom was baptized almost a year ago but she is still uneasy about it, but she loves the missionaries now. I feel that she will be baptized soon, she has a testimony and loves everything about the church, she just made a promise to her dad that she would wait. then the last family is a less active member who i told you about last week. We had a tri-stake devotional yesterday called "why i believe" with conversion stories and music, and two of the three part member families came, it was really a powerful meeting and the spirit was strong. Also this week it rained a lot and we were stuck on bikes the whole time, one day we were waking for about 5 hours in the rain, wasn't to bad, just shoes filled with water. well I'm not sure what else to say, time is running short and soon i will see y'all again.

love ya

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