Monday, April 6, 2015


One Full Week Left
Wow, to think this is my last full week as a missionary, my last week of doing missionary work too. Crazy...

Well, you want to hear how my week went, hmm probably not but you get to anyway. Not much to exciting happened. We did find quite a few new people to teach this week, we've been going through all the former investigators that were taught over a year ago and we've started teaching some of them as well as others we've been finding along the way. Lots of seeds being planted. One lady who was a former investigator we went by to go see, as we walked up to the door she came out and said she was crazy, in a joking manner. She was loading some things into her car so we volunteered to help which she greatly accepted, she wasn't to interested in being taughtn though, but the best part was when she gave us a call a couple days latter and wanted to come by and drop off a cake to us for helping, she's a pretty awesome lady, just for doing that. Then this week we did more service, these past 6 weeks we've seemed to be doing a lot of it, this week we helped a couple in the ward move furniture around in their house, then for another couple we painter their shed out back. Then this weekend was just wonderful. Conference was amazing. My favorite was probably the priesthood session, there was some really good talks in there, but when the Sunday afternoon session came around I was so spiritually drained that I just couldn't keep focus anymore, but I did enjoy it. Then for the rest of Easter our ward mission leader had us over for a nice turkey dinner, and boy was it good. Hmm I don't know what else there is. Well I do love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.
(Jeremy's Birthday is the day after he gets home, April 18th, I had asked him what he wanted or needed.)
Birthday Dinner(you shouldn't even had to ask 😃)
Main Dish - chicken wings of course!!!
Salad - Caesar salad 
Side Dish - funeral potatoes
Other - some kind of veggie, corn or carrots
Drink - Hawaiian fruit drink
Dessert - normal birthday cake, white frosting
If you choose ice-cream, what flavor? Tin roof, or moose tracks

Gifts, hmm the only birthday gift that really matters to me is being with my family!!! But there is a couple of things that I do need

GARMENTS(I need all new ones): large mesh tops, cotton/polyester bottoms(size 36)
Drivers license- mine expires on my birthday
Deodorant( old spice-wolfthorn)
Lufa(shower sponge)

Oh and here is a pic of my companion, don't think I ever sent one


I love getting you letters, each one is different and unique. Tell everyone that I am so thankful and grateful for all y'all working so hard with my new room. As for the color I really can't say, it's hard to imagine it, I trust your decision. As for my birthday I really am just looking forward to spending time with y'all, hope you know we will be playing lots of "settlers of catan". 
                                Love You

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