Monday, July 22, 2013

A Hot July

A 'Hot' July In Florida 

July 15, 2013

Hello Family. I guess i will write you even though no one wrote me. Na i suppose you did write me. I got you postcards, which i loved. Glad to hear you had a fun time. But no one really said how the rafting went. So how was rafting? What else that was fun did you do? So for me here things are going pretty well. So not this past week but the week before i had a really rough week and was getting really down about a lot of things.  But i pushed though and this past tuesday we had interviews with president Craig and that went really well. After that everything started getting better fast. This past week was week 11 out of 12 for training and i had to take charge in everything. And to top it off one day i had trade offs with the district leader and another day i had trade offs with the zone leaders. But everything went well. This past week was the best week we have had in a while. We taught more lesson this week than we have ever taught. And the one lady i told you about a while ago that committed to baptism this month well for the past couple weeks we lost all contact with her. But then this week we dropped by one last time and we found her. we have been teaching her and she in on for a baptism on the 28th. With transfers coming up i may not be here but thats okay. And the best part is that she came to church yesterday. That was the first time we have had an investigator at church since i have been here. It was really nice. Other than that things have been going really good. I'm still not the missionary that i wish i was, but thats okay. Something that my companion told me really helped. He said out of all the 26 missionaries that came down with me, I am probably one of the strongest. Because most of them have had thing going good for them and are baptising and just doing really good this whole time. While i on the other hand got put in one of the hardest areas and have had trial after trial this whole time. But thats because Heavenly Father knew that i could handle it and that it would strengthen me. And like my companion said though all these trials we are just now starting to recieve all of these blessing. I am not the perfect missionary and i still have alot to learn and a lot of growing to be done, but i am grateful to be out here. I love you all so much. And with transfers coming up if you send letters send them to the mission office address.
Love ya,

Well we split our email time up today, cause elder largo wanted to. So he could see what his families reply was about. So about ben i did receive 2 letters from him, maybe 3 im not sure. But i have written to him twice. I guess the first one never made it. But i sent him another about a week ago. he should get it before he moves. And yes i got a GPS, sorry i forgot to tell you how much it was. It works well. It was crazy to see how much they where. i got the cheapest one i could find. As for liking my bike, we havn't had a need to you it much lately. But if i stay here after transfers next week i will be using it alot. Like i said earlier we are getting sisters in this area and our car hit the 50 thousand mark, so what they are going to do is trade out the car we have right now and get a brand new car, but the sisters will get it and cause they are short on cars in this area we will not have one and be on bikes for how ever long it take to get a new car. The people say the missionaries before that were on bike sweated like crazy because of the heat and humidity. So it will be interesting. So what do i study well most if it is about what we teach and going in depth on chapters in the Book of Mormon. Since Elder Largo is a facebook missionary he does that for an hour and a half a day. so that give me that much more time to read or do what ever. I read the Book of Mormon during that time but then finish. Not  sure what i will read next. Lately i have just been studying up on different topics using the bible dictionary, ocasionally looking at End of the World things. Its really interesting. But i will probably start to read the Doctrine and Covenants. Other than that, thats about it. Love ya..  Jeremy

July 8, 2013
Im not sure if i got some emails from you. I got the one froms karls place. But there were a couple others that were blank repies. Anyway so did you go rafting. How was it? What was your favorite part of the trip? How was the car ride up and down? How do you like Jared's place? Well things here are going well. It was a rough week and this week will be better. I am suppose to take charge of all teaching and planning activites for these last two weeks of my training. We shall see how it goes. For the 4th fo July, the Ward did a big breakfast and there was alot more people there than they had planned on. There were more people then there are normally at church on sunday. Then for dinner we had dinner at an investigators house (hamburgers and BBQ Chicken) Boy was it good. Then that night we saw a little bit of the fire works but had to leave because it was time to go home. Other than that all is going good.
Love ya, Jeremy

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