Monday, July 1, 2013

Tender Mercies

"Hi Ya Family"
July 1, 2013

Well Well,
There is so much to say, but where to start. Alright well Mom i finally did get you letter but it was the one that you resent. Not sure why i didn't get it the first time. It's good to hear that all is going so well with you and that you are enjoying you car. Now you will have a nice car to drive over to Leavenworth with A/C (YAY). Hope you all have fun without me . The one time you go rafting i'm not there. Anyway thats alright. So as for that broadcast you were wondering about. Well it said a couple of things. First and the most important is that missionary work is really going to be focused on the ward members and we are there to support them. Pretty soon the ward mission leaders will be filling out the missionaries planners. Next was that missionary work is going to become alot more technological. Our area was one of the test pilots for facebook and aparently it went well so now all worth missionarys will have one. Also they will be giving an ipad to every companionship. And they will be opening up the churches all day for people to visit. So thats pretty much what the broadcast said. So this up coming week we will be finding out much more. President Barry left and now President Craig is here. He came in on friday. Before he left President Barry told us that this coming week we will find out what all the meant with EVERYTHING they said in the broadcast and when we will get ipads. We have a zone meeting on wednsday this week and President Craig will be there and tell us all that is going on. We are told that it will be a HUGE change for the better. It will be really interesting. And to go along with all this. Yesterday for combined 3rd hours, Elder Largo and i taught it. We did a power point bassed on the conference talk "Catch the Wave" and the broadcast from last week. It didn't go as good as we wanted, we wanted the members to get more involved but they didn't. It still went really well. We even made some cry.
Now for this past week. So much has happened. Well for starters One of the girls that we have been teaching read a chapter that we left with her which she has never done before and things are starting to click with her. Then we have also been blessed alot this week. So the week before as i had said was rough. But this week the Lord really showed us his tender mercies. We ran into alot of people this week and even got a couple of new investigators. But the coolest story is on wednsday we were out looking for a potential that was taught before we got here. We were out walking in the rain and could not find the house, we look every where. Finally we gave up and started walking back to the car cause we had a dinner appointment(we had one every night this week), on the way back a lady that was on her porch called us over and started talking to us saying it was such a blessing seeing us walk by, cause the night before there were some boys doing inapropriate things on the street and she said seeing us walk over that same area was like a cleansing of the street. The next thing we know we are on her porch teaching her the restoration. She was crying the whole time. At the end we invited her to baptism and she said yes for the 14th of July. Before we invited her to Church, she asked when and where it was. It was really something amazing. Oh and also since i have been out here i started reading the Book of Mormon again from cover to cover. I will be finishing it today i have 5 pages left. This week everything has hit me. I have come to such a greater understanding of some things. Through watching the Broadcast, reading the Book of Mormon, and just everything. I have realized that the end is coming and that there is a reason why i have been saved to come down here in these last days. And it is because of Missionary Work just like my patriatical blessing say. Like what they are saying right now is the big boom of Missionary Work, and i am starting my mission at the beginning of it. Through reading the Book of Mormon i have come to realize that i not just want to but need to gain the faith that all the prophets and people in the Book of Mormon had. Like Lehi, Nephi, Alma the Younger, Sons of Mosiah, Nephi before Christ came, Mormon, Moroni, Brother of Jared, Ether, all of them had the faith to have God preform Miracles though them. And that is something that i need to make stronger so that i am more like them, not necessarily by preforming miracle but the faith they had. Things are coming fast and i am ready to do the Lord work even if i at this time am just planting seeds, soon they will bloom. I love all of you.
Love Your Favorite
Elder Jeremy Johnson
Oh and tell her that i had dinner with a member out here and she is actually the aunt to the Wood's family (Sophi, William, Phillip, Rachel) from the River.

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