Thursday, June 27, 2013

HIYA Family

24 June, 2013

Well i guess Dad loves me more this week since he wrote the most to me and included pictures. I most say i liked them. Well lets see what to start off with well just like you it has been raining alot this week, and when it rains it poors. On wendsday we were sitting at a members porch watching the storm. It was crazy thunder, lightning, everythings. and it went for the whole night. So while we were on the porch in the picture i sent you right across at the other end there is a house. you cant see it because of the rain but it is like a hundred yards away, and lightning struck right infront of their house. It was sooo loud it shoock us. Oh and back on monday for pday we were bored so we went to the zone leaders and just goofed around with them. Took alot of wierd pictures and just had fun.

Florida Thunderstorm with lightening hitting close by.

Goofing off on Pday

WOW, Mom i can't believe you you made it to the top of the hill. That is awesome. Next your going to make it to the top of iller. You'll be outdoing Dad, leaving him in the dust. So i guess that this week has just been amazing for all of you. You hit you goal, you got you jeep FINALLY, now you just have to make sure that you don't destroy it before i get home, so i can take it off roading.. Laura finished school, bet she is glad for that, is she even reads these letters she would know that now she has all the time in the world to write me. We shall see!! Oh and the biggest thing Jared got a house. WOW. So it looks like you are actually going to move. Sounds like fun. I did enjoy the pictures, now you just need to send me pictures of the car. Oh and you have a blog going for me. I wish i could check it out but we are not allowed to. Maybe one day Mom will write me and tell me more about what is going on. We shall see.
"I'm, just sure Elder Largo loves this picture."
"How does he put up with Elder Jeremy?"
 Okay now to tell you about my week. Well to start off as you can see by the picture my companion is eating alot and getting fat. Na i just photoshopped it. Oh before i get started, i don't know if you or Laura know but Haley got her mission call to Singapor. Alright now the fun begins. My week, were to begin. Well i just flat out say it. IT SUCKED. This week i try not to get down becuase my companion was down on himself the whole week, thinking he is an awfull missionary and an even worse trainer. Now i tried to up lift him but nothing was working. I was getting so frustrated with him. He is suppose to be the strong one. So for the week we did pretty much nothing. I thing we taught a total of 8 lessons this week. It was bad. I was holding out trying to be positive this week and then it hit me yesterday, and i realized what Elder Largo was feeling, I try to think like this but it just happened. This area is really rough, we are getting no where. We only have one progressing investigator and no support from the ward. I'm trying to be a good missionary but it's hard, when you look back and you've done nothing. But we have changed our thoughts and are going to work twice as hard this week, even if all we do here in fernandina is plant seeds for latter on. And hopefully the ward shapes up. They had a broadcast last night about missionary works with the apostles and prophet speakings. They really focused on the importance of the ward and their effect on missionary work. How they are suppose to be at the head of it and we are there to assist them. They really cracked down on the wards and how they need to step up. I just hope our ward listens to them. Since we have been telling them the same thing ever since we got here. Well we shall see.

Oh and one more thing. Mom if you could will you send me the oatmeal raisen cookie recipe please

Love you all so Much
Just a note from MOM, I did send Elder Jeremy an email, even before his Dad did.  And my emails are way longer than his.  But for some reason he didn't recieve it or missed reading it?  A strange mystery!  How do you resend an email that has already been sent?  Help!!!  An update on Jared's house, it has not finalized yet, still in the negotiation / paper process.  But it is one step closer, we have heard the Banks have accepted his offer.


17 June, 2013
Well im glad to here you had a wonderful fathers day. Elder Largo and I had Macaroni w/hamburger for dinner. And of course i made it since he never cooks. Well sad to say he can't cook anything except spam and rice or eggs. He tried to cook bacon the other day and gave up becuase he was burning it. How i do not know, but i had to finish it. Oh and while we were eating last night some lady was getting angery with a man outside and she got into her car, he punched the window and broke it, she then in return drove full force into his car. Doing more damage to hers than his. Funny how drama like this reminds me of the old days in Hillyard. Now for you questions, when a tornado hits im not really sure where we are suppose to go. And yes we did go bowling in our yellow pants. Everyone laughed at first, but now they are all telling us that they want unity clothes as well. Looks like we started a trend. As for my bowling score it wasn't the greatest we played two games and i got a 114 on one of the. the 3rd highest score over all. Well thats pretty much how our Pday went. Then that night we went out on splits with a member and visited a lady named Lillian, i think i've told you about her before, she founded the hispanic church out here. she's not the preacher but just a key member in it. there are always people coming and going while we visit her. So while we were with her we read with her the intro to the Book of Mormon. She can't read so we read it to her. Then just a couple of night ago we visited her again and read from the beginning of the Book of Mormon, at the end Elder Largo even let her borrow his Scriptures on CD to listen to. She is a really nice lady. Everyone even says that if she is converted she will bring alot of people with her, but in order for her to become converted she will need to have a powerfull testimony of the Book of Mormon. Also this week it has been really hot it got up to 97 degrees and stayed up in the 90s all week. Members told us the the weather stations says that with the humidity on the hottest day this week the temp. feels like 113 degrees (OUCH) haven't been sunburn yet but have come close. And they say that this is just the beginning of it, and that July and august are alot worse. Oh we also had dinner with the Norman family this week, they are probably our favorite family in the ward. All that are living at the house is the Mom, and Dad and their daughter, She actually remind me of Anna-Marie in alot of ways. Oh and when ever we go there we always play Farkle and of course i won again. Then even introduced a new game to us called "Catch Phrase" the family would really like it even Dad, it's really not that hard at all and is alot of fun. You need to get it. And as for the missionary work being slow right now. We found out that it is not just our area but the whole Stake out here which covers a big area is having a hard time. There is one 2 wards that are going good, the rest are struggleing worse that ours. One Ward was even changed back into a Branch which you hardly ever hear about. But we are still working hard. Oh i don't know if you have heard but Missionary work is REALLY having a big push across the world. This next sunday they are having a broadcast for everyone, President Monson and some of the members of the quorm of the 12 are going to be introducing a new or improved way to do missionary work. Its crasy because at this same time we are getting a new mission president and the mission boundaries are changed, and right now it when the huge flood of missionaries are coming out. The MTC is so full right now that missionaries are getting delayed a week or so before entering the MTC. And the devotionals that they have there which are usually held in the Gym and now being held in the Maryott(or what ever it's called) Center next door because there are to many missionaries. It's crasy all that is happening. Well lets see what else is there. Oh a Lady in the ward gave us $100 for walmart which was nice. We went and stocked up on food which is dissapearing fast. Well i guess thats about it since i can't think of anything else right now.

Oh tell Laura to WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya all

"A New Trend for PDay"
Elder Largo, fellow missionaries, Elder Jeremy
The "Cool Missionaries" Bowling on PDay


  1. Hang in there Jeremy, sounds like you are doing a good job. Like you said, planting the seeds for later! I hope you find a more supportive Ward, or that yours catches on and helps you guys out...I know that can help with your confidence as well.

  2. Thanks Jeana, I sent your message on to Jeremy in an email. I know he will appreciate it. Buy the way you look great. Sonja