Monday, June 24, 2013


 Hillyard, Florida?? 
Just a year ago Jeremy moved from Hillyard, Spokane, WA

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:09 AM
Wow so much to say but where to begin. Well the times that i am usually on my email are on mondays between 10 and 12 my time. But next week is memorial day and the library is closed so we might go to a members house but not sure when. I'm jelous that you got to watch "Once upon a Time". Oh well just means more for me to watch when i get home. Oh last night i had an interesting dream. I dreamed that i had finished my 2 years and was home, i had an amazing tan line going on, but i could only remember my first month of my mission and nothing else it was so frusterating. The dream felt so real it was crazy. When i told my companion this he punched me saying don't dream about that. Apparantly every missionary dreams alot about that. My companion and i are getting along really good. It was just a couple day thing where he was in a bad mood and didn't want to do anything. We stopped our runs in the morning but still wake up at 6:30 and work out, if we are actually able to get up. Lets see last P-day we went fishing and as you can see in the picture that was the first fish i caught there, it was a small one but it counts. I even caught the biggest fish to. Elder Largo think he is a stud because he caught 12 fish, and i only caught 4. Oh Well, he need to be able to win since i bet him in everything else like Farckle, Just Dane, and what ever else. This week We got 2 new investigators and they are awesome, ones an old mexican lady and ones an old black lady. On thursday we went on trade offs, the district leader came here and was with Elder Largo, while i went to hillyard area, (ya it's wierd they say hillyard and i think of spokane). hey im going to break my letter up so i can continue to send more pictures.
On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:19 AM,
Alright so these pictures are of my companion since now he is a facebook missionary alway on facebook everyday for an hour and a half. And the other pic is me just chillen. So where was i, oh so when i went to hillyard the elder that i was with was named Elder Johnson, ya kinda cool. But the weird this is we are WAY to much alike. We like the same books, food, movies, tv shows (even stargate), and way more. Its kinda cool but weird at the same time. And the things that we are different in are dramastic, like im tall he's short, he's a little chuppy i'm skinny, and other things but not many. When we went out with a member that night he like to intorduce us as Johnson&Johnson (ya know the bandaid and other things). Well when i got back to my area, my companion told me that the district leader put him down to be a tainer again and to be a leader (poor guy). Oh and he found out that i am actually suppose to be the one driving now(scarry). But lately we have been trying to do as much biking as we can since our miles are running out for the month and we have zone conference that we have to drive our own cars to for inspection and it is a 200 mile round trip(ouch). Opps time to go to the next email.

Elder Largo is involved with the new
trial missionary face-book program.

Elder Johnson "Chill'in" in the Florida sun.  Lucky him,
 he has a hammock.

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:25 AM,
So in these picture they are of an elders quorum activity called "corn hole" which is pretty much pinny bag toss. The other guys name is Jason Leavitt, one of the members of our ward. He reminds me so much of jared, oh and he has the pills berry dough boy laugh, so we are going to get him a shirt like jareds with it on it that says poke me. The ward is going okay. The bishopbric finally decided to do something on the unity issue, so they are first going to be come strong as a bishopbric including families and then spread the strength throughout the ward, well see how it turns out. We have a baptism for this up coming sunday, but she is a little shacky right now, but hopefully all works out, and who knows i might even get to baptize her. Well next email time.

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:30 AM
So last night we were doing some cleaning and reorginizing and we threw alot of old stuff away. We even found this really old computer from a long time ago. And you can see how our imaginations wondered with it. I even broke the golf clubs that we were using. Ya thats how Elders have fun on our mission. Supposedly behind where we were the are to baby alegators that my companion saw in the pond, but i have not seen any yet. There aren't really that many alegators on the island.
This is just the aftermath of our adventure. Do you get all three pictures when i try to send three. Well lets see i don't know what else to talk about. The members feed us well, we have more dinners the the elders in hillyard do. One lady even took us shopping and bought us alot of food as you can see in the first email. now our firdge and shelves are full (YEAH). We thats all. Love ya. And tell Laura that she need to write me and i'll even write her a letter back.
Love Ya
Your Favorite Son Jeremy 

 May 13, 2013
So these pics are of the fish that i cooked. it turned out alright, and the other one is of the first and only so far cock roch we found in our apartment.

Elder Johnson with his first fish, I can't
believe he ate such a cute fish?  (Ha Ha)

Elder Largo trying to catch his
cockroach lunch?

These pics are of my bike, the one with the green slim is when it blew on us.

Green slime?

New/ used bike, will it survive 2 years?

May 6, 2013
The one with the big group of people that was the 2 districts in my zone at the mtc that were all going to florida, there is 17 of 25 in that photo of all that came down to florida.
 Love, Jeremy

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