Hey everythings going awesome, i sent you a letter on monday saying alot more (just because letters are so much cooler than emails). I love it hear at the MTC. Today i played beach volleyball at the park across the mtc, because we realized that we are going to have to get good before we get to florida because you play alot of volleyball there they say. i never got to meet with the branch president before i came, he called and said he couldn't make it. i leave for florida next tuesday morning at 4 in the morning. caleb leaves the same time. Hope all is going well. love you and miss ya.
Elder Johnson

MTC, Prove, Utah - Jeremy's district

Jeremy and Caleb Ybarra
(Caleb is going to SanDiego, Ca)

Wylie Coyote makes an appearance
at the MTC, he found a comrade.