Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crocodile or Alligator

.Debate "Johnny vs Sonja"
 Johnny states:  there are NO crocodiles in Florida.
 Sonja states:  Yes there are crocodiles in Florida, they like saltwater.

Do crocodiles live in Florida?

Yes, American Crocodiles live along the coast of south Florida in salt water & on islands in the Caribbean.
Can be found in Biscayne National Park, FL, and Everglades National Park, FL. They love warm climate.

American crocodiles primarily are found in south Florida living in brackish and saltwater habitats such as ponds, coves and creeks of mangrove swamps. Recently crocodiles have moved northward within their range and even inland into freshwater areas of southeast Florida. The American crocodile is an endangered species success story. Since 1975 their numbers have increased from less than 300 to more than 1,500 adults. American crocodiles do not regularly attack large animals as most large crocodilians do. Fish, reptiles, birds and small mammals make up majority of their diet. On occasion large mammals such as deer and domestic animals are taken. All are dangerous to humans, but it is not a very aggressive species and attacks are rare. 
Alligator:  You're much more likely to encounter an alligator than a crocodile.  Alligators are thriving, with over 1.5 million of these critters living in the swamps of the southeastern U.S.  Alligators are only found in North America and parts of China; everywhere else, it's all crocs.  Alligators prefer fresh water. 
The Difference:  It's all in the snout. As a general rule, alligators have shorter, blunter, heavier heads than crocodiles, which have long, tapered snouts lined with sharp teeth. 
The biggest American alligators attain a length of about 14 feet, snout to tail, while the largest crocodiles are a whopping 20 feet long.
****************************Jeremy most likely will see only Alligators *******************************************************
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June 11, 2013
Just becuase you want to here how things are going with the mission work, i'll tell you. It's hard cause i can't think of much to say. Well Fernandina is known as the slow area. There has only been 1 baptism in the past year. And we are having a hard time with it. We haven't gotten very many new investagators and the ones we have aren't really progressing that much. We are working really hard and knocking on alot of doors, not necissaraly tracking but visiting less-actives or potentials. Alot of the time they don't answer or are not intersted or home. But we are still trying. I have really been trying to figure out why im am out here. The main reason i came out was becuause that is what was expected of me and that is all my patraitichal blessing talked about. But now that im actually out here its hard. I know my stuff and i know its true. It's just hard to teach, especially when all they say to us is just rely on the spirit. I do but still its hard. Especially since we don't share lessons per say we just have short visits and share a scripture becuase they don't really want us there. But things are getting better. I've done a training in district meeting, and have been giving blessings. Anyway love ya.
Sorry I forgot to say


Remember im your favorite Son!!!

Love ya lots

June 11, 2013
Well there is so much to say. So i'll start by answering your questions. You can just send the cookie recipes in an email if you want, or you can actually write a letter and send them. And as for a calender, what ever you think i would like. Well like i said we had zone conference, we don't have to pay for gas they give us a debit card just for gas, but we are limited on how many miles we go, and we did make it. They feed us sandwiches and some other things it was good for a lunch i guess. Zone conference is just a all day meeting where we have trainings, talks, and do role plays. They focused alot on repentance during it or actually all of it. But it was fun. The reason we failed our apartment inspection was because of things that we had nothing to do with. Like black spots on the carpet, closet doors not connected, things that we couldn't fix. Oh well. As for my companion we have been getting along really well as you can see from the picture above. we just have a rough first couple weeks. Turns out for both of us, we are like the friends we would hang out with back home. Now for the story of the outfitts. So last monday we were out looking for a cool matching shirt and we found not only that but some cool yellow pants to go along with them. And of course we ended up getting both. We wore them around for the day and actually got called gay a couple of time(no idea why they would say that). Today we are going bowling as a district and we are going to wear them and shock everybody. So as for transfers, they are this week thats why pday is on tuesday for us. We had a conference call last night say who was going where and Elder Largo and i are staying. And no i haven't tried the facial yet, but it does remind me of Laura cause she uses the same noxima(or whatever its called) stuff also. Also last Pday as you can see we saw a crockadile finally. It was actually in a pond behind our apartment. It is some where between 4 to 5 feet long(WOW). Oh and this past week it has been raining like crazy, when it rains it poors. And i don't know if you have heard but a tornado it fernandina on thursday. We were getting warnings on our phone and the radio to take shelter. It really wasn't that bad it was a small tornado, it destroyed some trees and fences but thats about it. Rains gone now and it is hot. It been in the high 80s but with the humidity it feels so much hotter. Lucky us for being near the ocean and having that breeze. Then on sunday morning we went out to the car to go to church and we had a flat tire. the nutts were put on way to tight and we couldn't get them off so a member came and took us to church and afterwards let us use his tools to get the bolts off. Now on to the next email.

"The Cool Elders"

"1st Alligator Sighting - 4 to 5' long"

"1st Tornado Warning"
Yesterday was a good day and a bad day. Lets start with the bad. We taught FHE for the Stewart family where the father is a member but the rest aren't. We taught Lehi's dream and had them blind folded follow a string through the rooms, under tables. With the partents and us as temptation while one was the good one. It was lots of fun. But the bad part came latter we played basketball with their son spencer and his friend, and we were in our church clothes, and it turns out my feet have gotten soft from wearing shoes all the time. I got a nasty blister on my foot and i though you might like to see it. Now the good news, last night when we got to our apartment there was a package infront of the door, both of us thought it was for Elder Largo cause he was expecting one. But to our suprise it was for ME!!!! Thank you. As you can see in the picture i got a package this week and 3 letters. One from grandma and two from Laura's friend. WOW he friends wrote me before she did. Oh and funny thing in one of the letters the guy started by saying "well since this ward is having a hard time loving you, i will write you a letter". Wow thanks for telling me the ward doesn't love me. Anyway you should harrasse Laura about that for me. And thank you thank you for the package. I love it. when Elder Largo saw the sour patch kids he got jeoulus cause they are his favorite also. And the picture book will be fun. the hard part will be printing off pictures to put in it, but i will manage, and if you want you can even send pictures for me to put in it. Wow i have written alot. It is so much more to say but i cant think of it right now. Look like you might have to just wait until i send my journal home, which may take a while!! I know i don't say much about mission work, it's just it's wierd to write about to others. I love it though. Anyway i love you all so much. Oh and Bishop Southwick wrote an email even though it was to all the missionaries out, but it as still nice.

Try not to have to much fun on the 4th of July without me.

Love your Favorite,

Yes-- Mom did send the Yummy Chocolate Chip
Cookies.  She just had to make our missionary
 drool for a few days.



3 June, 2013
Well Mother,

Since Father didn't write me this week, i'll reply to you through his email, even though that is what i always try to do. Oh and those wonderfull sweet smelling Chocolate Chip cookies you were making, i know what you can do with them. SEND THEM TO ME!!!! I'm sure i can figure out what to do with them. Oh and you never sent me the reciep for them that i asked for on mothers day or that picture in a care package !! I can't believe Jared got more wind surf boards i guess he really wants you to move down there and have fun with him. Has anna-marie used her's yet? Oh and as for the biggest bug i've seen, i haven't really seen very many bugs since im on the beach area most of the time. But we do see alot of lizards you know the little ones. Oh and a funny story with that you know that if you grab them by the tail it detaches from the body and the grow a new one, so you can guess what we do. And as for writting Josh, you know me i don't like writting letters. I will only write people letters if they write me first. Laura was an exception becuase you told me if i wrote her she would write me back. We will see. and who knows i might just send Josh a postcard. Maybe. Oh and if you ever end up sending me a care package you could toss in a calender if you wanted.

Well lets see what did we do this week. Well there was alot of missionary work as usual, and you know me i don't really like writing about that since i write about it every night or every other night in my journal. So the interesting things that happened are. Well we mowed a persons againg and he had a huge lawn bigger that ours. And it took forever. Then we also helped them start their flower beds. Oh and i don't know if i said this last week we got a new ward mission leader and we meet with him this week. He is really on board with it and has big plans on getting the members involved. On and as you can see in the pictures above last night we were at a less-active members house for dinner and afterwards the wife and Elder Largo were talking about getting rid of acne and she ended up giving him a facial. and today we are going shopping with her so get the stuff for him to do it back at the apartment. Man he's such a girl!!

Oh and this week we went on trade offs and the district leader Elder Tibbits came to our area and was with me for the day to see how i am as a missionary. He is really an interesting person. The next morning when he was reviewing our day he didn't say much, but he is a real cridict, so it i wonder what he said in his report to the mission president. Oh and this week we also had our apartment inspected by a senior couple. We ended up failing because of the district leader who for some reason was there also. And he was pointing out every little detail that didn't need to be pointed out.  And thats about all the drama we get here. Well i don't know what else to say, usually latter in the day i think of other things but its to late.

Elder Largo's Facial

Anyway Love you all so much (love you most)

try not to have to much fun while Grandma is gone.

3 June,2013
Oh and one more thing. Dad i just got this letter so thank you for that. And as for the exercising come on you know me i never work that hard. I'm Lazy!!  Oh and tell Clifton he needs to write me. I send him emails but nothing in return. And thanks for reminding me about Josh. I feel bad because i totally forgot, and i never said bye. well i guess i actually have to write him. Oh and how are you doing with grandma gone? I know its hard for you cause there is no one to watch mentalist with you. well i guess you can just imagine she is there.
Love ya
27 May, 2013
Well I love seeing the pictures of jareds house he will be getting soon, and how you all are doing. Dad its impressive that you actually were able to fix the brakes. Well as for me mom the fish I caught that day were to small to eat at the time so we tossed them back into the water, but we have caught some fish at other places. I will never gut them my self but have someone do it for me. Not much has happened this week, I got a letter from Caleb and Ben, and emails from tony, he's doing really well at the MTC and learning portageus(how ever you spell it), and Caleb is having a lot of fun in San Diego. Well this week Elder Largo cut my hair for zone conference, turns out he cutted it to short but im making it work. Yesterday I gave my talk at church. it went alright, even though dad never sent me any suggestions for it. Oh and we also got a new ward missionary leader, who was actually the 1st councoler in the bishopbric but not any more. And on Saturday we meet with the bishop and we decided to work more with the members and get them involved more, bishop even said things to them at church. And now we have dinner with someone everyday this week and most of next week. Oh and we spent 5 hours on saterday mowing a ladies lawn it was big and 3 feet tall. Oh well that's about it. Love ya all.

Oh and will you ask Clifton and Anna-Marie to burn me some music to listen to. And TELL LAURA that she can always write me.

Love Jeremy

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