Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last Road Trip

Last Road Trip
Before Mission
April, 2013

Jeremy, Ben Winkfield, and Caleb Ybarra went on a road trip to Seattle, WA.  Stayed with big brother, Jared.  Went downtown Seattle and saw the yummy "Gum Wall".  Went out to eat, ate lots of junk food.  And yes, Jeremy's car "The Aurora" did make it without any incidents.  They went to the beach and tried to balance on a log.  Found seashells, some with critters still in them.  Road the wild metal horses on the bluff.  Visited the majestic Snoqualmie Falls.  I think they went Long-boarding.   They did lots more, that I'm sure Mom (me) was not told or I can't remember.  But they had a lot of fun.  A trip that Jeremy had long looked forward to.
"Best Friends"
Ben, Caleb, Jeremy


Jeremy Meditating
Is he pondering on his mission???
Dashpoint Beach, WA

Caleb's Turn

Caleb and Jeremy

"Snoqualmie Falls"
Jeremy and Caleb

"Redondo Beach"
Ben lifting a piece of the world.

Ben and Caleb "Wheel'in Around"

Jeremy the "Cool Rider"

Ben the "Wild Horseman"
Caleb the "Swift Rider"

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