Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Already 3 Months

July 23, 2013

Alright well i really don't have much time to talk but here it goes. These past two weeks went by really well and really fast. Now that i think about it, since i have come out time has flown by. It feels like i just left home last week. Some times you have slow days but not often. Most of last week we spent preparing the area for sister missionaries. There was alot that we had to do to prepare for them. We didn't get to teach that much because of all the work we had to do to prepare for them. And the members have been feeding us really well. Ever since we said that Elder Largo would most likely be leaving we have had dinner every night and sometimes lunches also. Hopefully that continues. So just this last Saturday we were at a ladies house were we go to facebook, she leaves her computer outside for us, but if her husbands home we go in. She is a really nice lady, always feeds us if we are around. Anyway so we were there and it was around 4 and we get a call. It was President Craig. He wanted to talk to Elder Largo and called him to be a zone leader. It was totally unexpected, cause usually you are a district leader first, but he just skipped that step. Then last night we had a conference call for transfers. Elder Largo is leaving and i am staying. Tomarrow we head down to Jacksonville to drop Elder Largo off and pick up Elder Craner who will be my new companion. He will also be the district leader here. It will be interesting. They say he is a bigger set guy, and a way strict missionary. So it will be interesting for sure. Oh and the sisters coming in one will be training a new missionary. So i have to introduce the area to 3 new missionaries. We will see how it goes. Oh and before i might have said that they were going to be taking away our car and giving it to the sisters. Which was the plan, but we talked with the person over the cars and they are going to let us keep our car and give the sisters a new one so that will be nice. On and now i am finding out how often missionaries go home. It alot. I thought that it didn't happen much but they say once you hit your year mark its a make it or brake it thing. One of my MTC companions just went home. Not sure why and not sure if he is coming back. He was a way strong missionary. Sad to see him go. So i glad that you had fun on your trip. It sound like the guide was kind of a bum. But thats alright, you should have just pushed her in the water to loosen her up. Thats what i would have done. Well times running down we have a lot to do. So i'll write you more next week hopefully. Oh and if you send me a package, something that i do need is a book called "The Power of the Everyday Missionary" By Elder Clayton Christensen. President Craig wants us to read it. And what ever else you feel like sending. Those sour patch kids were REALLY GOOD!!! Well i do got to get going. I love you all so much.
Love Jeremy

Message from Mom, (Sonja)
Jeremy would love to have more emails or letters from family and friends.  We thank everyone for the love and support they give to him.  Have a great day, we love you all.

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