Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hi Are You There?

July 29, 2013 Jeremy: "hi are you there." Jeremy: "mom said she would talk to me in the mornings, or you. is she there?" Dad: "I am here and listening to hear from my son, Jeremy. Sonja is in at work, they changed her to a day shift last night." Jeremy: "so i hear that you might be sending me a package?" Dad: "Your Mom was going to send a special care package again and wanted it to be a surprise, but with you thinking you might be moving, decided to hold off until after your transfers. She was too busy this past week to do anything." (Sonja "I worked 37 hrs, that week") Jeremy: "Well hey i would love one if you sent me one. So what has happened lately?" Long Letter Hi, So where to start. So much has happened. So like i said i got to stay in the area, which is nice. But the bad part is i was worried that i had to introduce the area to three new missionaries. But it didn't turn out as bad as i thought it would. So on Wednesday i got my new companion Elder Craynor Who was a zone leader in another area but is now the district leader here. The sister that are here are sister heslington and sister cook. Sister cook is getting trained here. They are really good missionaries though, they came in and just got to work. So we before thought that our car was going to get taken away because thats what they told us. But since my companion is a district leader we get to keep it. The sisters got a new car and we will keep ours for another month or two, how ever long it takes. But before Elder Largo left he decided to use all our miles up. So for the past couple of days we have been on bikes. Today we are using the last of our miles and will probably go over a little bit. But oh well. I have to say biking out here has its pros and cons. The nice part is i get some sun and exersice and we meet more people that way. But the downer is it is so hot and the humidity is so bad here. When we are riding our bikes it isn't to bad because we have a breeze. But once we stop we instantly get drenched in sweat whether we like it or not. But hey we only have 3 more days of it. I think we will survive. So Elder Craynor and i decided for this week our goal is to get more investigator because we hardly have any. And so far it isn't to bad. On saterday we got 2 new ones but things are getting better. So i hear that you sent me the book. It hasn't arrive yet. But it soon probably will. So i don't know if you are going to send a package or not, you were talking about it earlier. But hey if you haven't sent it yet you should add in some of the pics i sent you if they are good. And you asked if i have gone to the fort yet. No but i we are planning on going some time in the future. I hear it is really cool. And that there are some fun bike trails back there somewhere. We haven't gone fishing lately but are planning on doing that sometime soon. Now for the hard question. The biggest change since i have been out. Well i am really not sure. I have grow in knowledge and in the gospel tremendously. But probably the biggest thing i have grown in is feeling the spirit all the time and relying on it for almost everything. So i guess just recognizing it is the biggest change. Oh dad i have a question for you. Was Grandpa ever a Area Leader or whatever the position in the church is called, or was he just a mission president? The ward here is really starting to get into the missionary way of things. Yesterday they had the ward council go out the the missionaries and themselves and visit less actives. They were all really excited about it. They also are doing a 40 day fast as a ward, for personal missionary experiences. It was Elder Largos and mine idea. Hey also i don't know if you have heard of it, but on facebook there is a thing that going to started called 30 days of pure testimony. You should try to find it. Its a page of facebook called that and it seems like its going to be really good. Anyway i don't know what else to say right now, i will probably remember after i leave. Well i love ya all so much Love Jeremy Oh one more thing if you can i love to have some music to listen to. So i don't know if your computer can burn music onto a cd, but that would be really nice. I love ya so much

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