Saturday, August 10, 2013

Music !!!

August 5, 2013, Dad: "there was no message here, Jeremy. but I guess this does mean you are still alive." Jeremy: "yes, i just got here. Hows it going Mom: "Hi" is all I get." (Sad Face) Jeremy: "Im working on writing a long letter. it may take a while. so i just wanted to talk a little." Sorry it took so long for us to get to doing emails. But hey im here now. So i'll start by answering questions. The music that i can't listen to is, no romantic, no loud up bet, no christian rock, no disney. Just things that turn your thoughts to Christ. So some things that are good are, EFY music, The TREK, The moleni brothers, alex boye, ablum called Nearer, and what ever else like that that you think i'll like. Oh and Prince of Egypt is my favorite. And yes i did get the book. It is really good i think that you would really like it. You should read it and see what you think. Thank you for getting it for me. So it's exciting to hear that all is going well with the house in seattle. I can't believe that you are finally going to leave spokane after so many years. And grandma has already told everyone so you can't just suprise everyone and tell them this is your last sunday here like you did last time. Oh well. Hey it's good to hear that Laura is having so much fun with out me. Maybe she can set aside some time in her really busy days and write me a letter, but whose knows if she will ever do that it may take a while. Na i do love her. At least she doesn't go around making out with dogs like anna-marie does. Now that was just nasty, who knows where that dogs mouth has been. But hey thats anna-marie for ya. Now as for me. All have been going really well. After transfer i got my new companion Elder Craynor, we then ran out of miles for the month shortly after that. So for the last 5 days we were biking around. Bu it was really good for us. We ran into a lot of people and this week we even got 6 new investigators. And the sisters here got 5 new investigators so we have really been going to town in this area. Just imagine in a couple of months there will be baptisms left and right. How amazing will that be. I may not be in the area for it but it would be cool to hear about. Other than that i'm not sure what else has really been going on. Elder Craynor and i have been having a lot of fun but he does hold to the rules pretty strick which is good for me right now. We even have been working out every morning. going for a run. The humidity here is awful. after about 1/2 a mile you are totally soaked from sweat whether your in shape or not. And i did get a little sun this week, but like they say florida weather is crummy. It rains alot here. Almost everyday. But it comes and goes fast. Oh and you asked about the lady that was going to be baptized. It fell through, aparently she was just in it for the welfare. Kinda dissapointing but hey maybe one day she will join. Hey dad i have a question i met a lady here that says i look just like a elder johnson she knew way back when in Kirkland Ohio, did you ever go there on your mission? Well thats about it i got to get going. I love ya all. Love Elder Jeremy Johnson

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