Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Can't get enough!

August 12, 2013Well i'm not sure where to begin you wrote me so much. But i'll answer your questions. So i do not have a mp3 player but if you would like to send me one that would be amazing. And i mom prince of egypt is okay but im not sure why disney isn't, they just like to make a bunch of rules. Na it's all good. They reason i haven't sent many pics is because we have been running out of time with emails fast. They is so many people to write or maybe i just write alot or im a slow writter. But i will send you some soon. And yes i have seen the shrimp everywhere just haven't taken a picture with it yet. I will soon though. So the 40 day fast hasn't started yet but i will let you know when it does. But hey the facebook 30 days of pure testimony that i told you about earlier is really taking a big hit in the church alot of success is going from it everywhere. And my companion was one of the two that started it. And wow Ashley got here mission call here. WOW thats crazy. Two of us down here is going to be awesome. I have talked to her once or twice but i never became good friends with her. But still though its crazy. You should find out for me when it is that she is leaving please. So sounds like you will be moving soon that will be interesting. And thanks for the pictures i got them two days ago and i really like them, and im looking forward to getting the package. hopefully it comes today. So you say Laura gets bored and makes cookies maybe just maybe instead she can sit down and write me a letter just once. I would really love that. Oh and yes dad i can have CD's, we do have a cd player and also the player in the car. So i would love to gets talks and music from you. Its crazy when i think of how i have changed since i have been out here. It just all hit me this week. So back home i really wasn't into missionary work at all. I avoided any chance that presented itself. But now i am in love with it and look forward to each new day. Also back home i really didn't care about general conference and listening to talks and reading the ensign. But now i love it and i can't get enough. I think we listen to a talk at night at least once a day. Sometimes it carries on into the next day. Well as for my week it went alright, we have our ups and downs out here and this week was a little slow here for the sisters and us. But is was good we talked to alot of people but just didn't have that many lessons. We did have a Luau on saterday. A big hawaian cook out at the church. A while ago when elder largo was here he taught me the hauka and in return i taught the young men and he taught the young women. And at the Luau we preformed it for the ward. I got a video of it that i might share. Oh one last thing that book you sent my earlier. You should really read it. It is a really good book and has some amazing stories there. Well i do got to get going i love talking to you each and every week. Hope all goes well with everything. Love ya soooooo much. Elder Johnson

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