Sunday, October 13, 2013

August 2013

August 26, 2013 Family, So i guess since you didn't write me it means that you are busy with the move. I hope all of it is going well and everyone is in a good mood. So not very much has happened this week. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference which went pretty well. President Craig is a pretty good man, and he keep you awake when he talks. Most of the meeting was spent talking about different part of the book that we have been reading, the one that you sent me. I finished it last week and it was really good. They want us to get the ward more involved in missionary work by the ways that it talks about in the book. Then the rest of our week was spent talking to people. One of our investigators Mike Hursey loves to have us over. The missionaries have been teaching him for a while and about a year ago they stopped but we just started teaching him again and he is a really nice guy. He is a true discription of deep southern people, and when ever we come over he always feeds us. Another inverstigator that we have is Charles Spinks. His wife was a media referal and we contacted her about 2 months ago but she didn't want anything to do with us. But about two weeks ago we decided to stop by again out of the blue and we talked to her husband Charles who was really interested and he has just barely started to get back into the religious side of things. And then there are a couple of others that we are teaching but for the most part right now we are going around knocking on doors, and riding out bikes alot because its at the end of the months and we are running out of miles. But when we have been going around talking to people we are coming across alot that are going to a Journey Church out here and it is growning fast. Now if i were to describe it to you in the end it would be just like the "Great and Spacious Building" in Lehi's dream. This church his huge and it does almost everythings but teach about religion. They have raffles, The kids play video games while the parents go to class. The Preacher pops out of a coffin during the services, and they have a Coffee shop in it. And the sad thing is so many people are going to it, even less-actives. So on the positive side of things we have been doing alot of service lately. This past week we help tear up carpet and put flooring in, and then some other things. And this week we have four service project going on. Tonight we are helping clean a home, and from what we hear it is in the worst shape you can imagine. So that will deffinently be interesting. Oh and so this past week i have been giving Elder Craynor a hard time telling him that he is going to be training, just joking around. But sure enough on saturday night he got a call to be a trainer, so next week i will be leaving this area and heading some where new. Don't know where yet but it'll be fun. Oh and one last thing. I will be needing to get a side bag, because they don't want us to have backpacks anymore. And i don't want a really big one. Just one to hold some pamphlets and an ipad(when we get them) or just a book of mormon. So i will probably look around here but it will probably be a while before i get one. So if you want to make sure i have enough money that would be great. And hey if you find a good one. You could send it to me. Well Thats about it, I love you all so much. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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