Tuesday, October 22, 2013


October 21, 2013: Wow, so much has happened this past week i don't know where to begin. But it sounds like you all are having a fun time back home. I can't believe that anna-marie broke the car, figures she would, oh well what can you do with blonde girls. well to start off i will answer moms questions because she doesn't want me to forget to answer them. So things are going well, Elder Greenlaw is pretty cool, we have been getting along pretty well. He has been out for one transfer longer than me but i am 2 months older than him, my first companion that i am older than. So Elder Greenlaw is from Utah, go figure, he is big into dirt biking and likes to have fun but work hard at the same time, so ya do get along pretty good. We have set up a hope on our front room and play quite a bit of basketball, or nerf ball i guess. Well as for biking we haven't been doing as much. With elder Madden he like to go to an area that was pretty far away so we would be biking about 20 miles a day but know we stay close and just go around and talk to everyone that we see. This past week we have worked our tails off and have literally been talking to everyone and things have been happening. We have gotten quite a few new investigators and have been getting the ward excited about missionary work. One cool experience that we had was on thursday. We had been working hard all day and just nothing was happening. Then that night we had trade offs with a member in the ward, and we were going to just go and try to see some less actives with him because we didn't really have anything else to do. So when he picked us up I had forgotten to grab my GPS with all the addresses on it, so instead we decided to go and try to see a potential that we had. And of course when we got there she wasn't home. So instead we decided to knock some doors in that area with this member that came out with us and boy did we receive blessing after blessing that night. We were able to set up 4 return appointments and get a couple referrals, and from that we got two new investigators, and the member just loved it and got stoked to do missionary work. It just showed me that the Lord will put you where he wants you to be to find those that are ready to receive the gospel, even if you had planned to go some where else he will find a way to change your plans. I just thought that was pretty cool. So as you can see things are going pretty great here. Now for your next question mom we have been having a lot of clouds and not much sun, even though it is still really hot. But i have learned that i can get a pretty nice tan, I just loose it really really fast. But oh well. And of course mom i would always love to receive a package from you. One thing that i do need is a ipod or mp3, maybe you could bug clifton about getting me one, and a lot of music. As for cravings i have been having a sweet tooth for Chinese food, but i don't think that you can send that though, oh well. But anything junk food wise sounds good. One more thing, on november 3rd or so we are planning an activity going deep sea fishing which is an 8 hour trip (yes we do have permission) but the down side is it cost $80, i am going to try and use most of my pros. card money but anything that you might be able to give would help. Now for cool stories. This one anna-marie might get a kick out of. So yesterday for lunch we had macaroni and sandwiches, and we did what anna-marie and i use to do, we made each other sandwiches and needless to say they were nasty. We made video of it and i will send it to you latter. But our time has been cut short and i got to get going. I will write more about it next week. and send lots and lots of pictures of st. augustine and the fort we saw today. Love you all.

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