Monday, November 4, 2013

Love to Have Some Letters

October 28, 2013: So i guess Mommy doesn't love me this week since she didn't write me an email or anything. At least i still have daddy, i know he will always write me amazing emails. So do you know what i just realized that i have been out over 6 months now and i don't think i have gotten any letters from my family back home. What is up with that. You use to make us write hand written letters to clifton and jared every month. Oh well i still love you though. So it sounds like you all have had a fun past week and lots has happened. Yet i can't believe that Dad is stuck in the cold corner of the house. I thought he was loved more than that. Don't worry Dad i still love you!!! So you had a pumpkin carving party, sounds like a lot of fun, and hey James and Callie came that is way cool, so how far away do they live, looks like now you will be finally close to some relatives for once. I don't know if that is good or bad. And as for the car, wow it is still pulling along even if anna-marie tries all she can to tear it down. Oh and i have to say that i love the pictures of my little siblings all dressed up in 80's clothes, they look soooo cute!!!! Well as for things here in the mission field they have been going pretty good. Like I said the week before last was pretty amazing and lots of miracles happened. As for this week though things have been pretty slow. Elder Greenlaw was sick for two days and we had to stay in the whole time and the rest of the week he was just not feeling good at all, so it was really a slow week. The two days that we stayed at our apartment i was bored out of my mind, being confined in a small area all day with nothing to do at all. It was not fun at all. Then the rest of the week was kinda interesting. One night we were out with a member going to see an investigator that we had set a return appointment to see, but they where not there, so once again we decided to knock some doors in that area and we came across a black man named Vernon who was really nice to us and loved the message that we had to share and at the end he committed to be baptized on the 24th of November. And the funny thing is, we found him in the same neighborhood that we found all our amazing investigators last week. On Saturday we had a halloween party at the church, you know a little trunk or treat. It was pretty nice, they had a chilli cook off there also. A member who feeds us quite a bit made some really hot chilli, the hottest one there. He said he put some ghost pepper hot sauce in it and of course i promised that i would have some. And it ended up being a whole bowl full of it. Yes it was pretty hot and did not feel good coming out the next morning, but hey my companion had it a lot worse than me. But that isn't the only story about hot sauces we have had this past week. Earlier in the week we were at a members restaurant and Elder Greenlaw was bragging how he could handle any kind of hot sauce, so this member made us some wings and used the ghost pepper hot sauce that he had just gotten, and that by far was the hottest thing i have ever had. It burned like no other and i even started to cry a little, but my companion was brave and ate 3 wings, but needless to say he had an awful next day with it. So those are about all the interesting stories from the week. Elder Greenlaw and i are getting along really good. But the Sister missionaries in the ward, we are pretty sure don't like us. And we have no idea why. This week for halloween night we are having a meeting with our ward mission leader and the sisters and just doing some talking and we are pretty sure it will all come out then, so we will see how that all turns out. Oh and answer to dads question, we have not gone deep sea fishing yet, it is going to take another week or two before it happens. Oh and hey mom if you haven't sent a package yet i have some things that you might be able to add to it. So i know i have been hounding you all about getting me an mp3 and music but i just realized that i have two mp3's packed up some where, with all the cords to them and everything, so if you can it would be amazing if you could find them and put some music on one of them or just send it out and i will get music from other missionaries. Oh and i also have a pair of khaki pants packed up that i was wondering if you could find and send also, because we cane wear those now. And as for other things that you might be able to send, i need a new memory card for my camera it's an SDHC card. There was a couple of other things that i was going to ask for but i can't remember now. Well I love you all so much. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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