Monday, November 4, 2013

Fort in St. Augustine, FL

Update November: Jeremy states it is not the big fort in St. Augustine, but a smaller one. He doesn't know the name of it. And since I am still having difficulties with the blog, I am unable to correct the captions of the photos. October 2013: Castillo de San Marcos, St Augustine, FL (Jeremy did not say what fort this was, I think I named it right, if not then it is Fort Mantanzas)
Scenic trip of a Fort, Jeremy is the one on the
far right.
Jeremy on the right.
Castillo walls were made of a local stone "coquina",
meaning "little shells", little shellfish that died long ago
& thru time have bonded together to form the stone. 
Mortar was made from oyster shells.
"A Prisoner is Escaping"
In the 1800's the castillo was used as a prison.

Prince Elder Jeremy of Castillo de San Marcos

Missionaries at Castillo de San Marcos
Jeremy on the far right
Note Flag is the 1st Spanish Flag flown over the fort.

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