Monday, November 4, 2013

The Mullins

November 4, 2013: Well, Well. Not much to really say about this week. It has been all about the same. Working hard and having fun. Earlier this week we were out one night and went to see a potential named Bill that Elders in the past had found. When we got there he didn't live there so we talked to the lady that lived there. Her name is Daphne, she told us this amazing story of how God saved her live and she new there is a reason why she is still on this earth, she had talked to missionaries before and has a Book of Mormon. Just never read it, so she told us she would, and we are going to stop by this week. She is a really wonderful lady. Then on wednesday we had a 5 stake devotional for all the ward leaders and the missionaries. Elder Zwick of the 70 was there and talked about member missionary work. He really called out alot of people on what they have done. Then on Thursday we had a huge zone conference with him which went really good. Elder Zwick talked along with his wife and it was pretty good. On the way home afterwards there was only 3 words spoken because we were all spiritually drained. Then on Friday there is this less-active family that we have dinner with every week, The Mullins. The have a 30 year old son who lives with them and has always been around missionaries and just gives them a hard time, but this friday he took us to dairy queen and started asking questions, we did not expect it coming from him. We ended up stopping by the next day and he are already read 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon and is still reading it. Now he is probably already done with 1st and 2nd nephi with how much he has been reading. So that is about how our week went. We probably won't go fishing anymore. People are flaking out. Oh well. Well that's about it. I love you all.

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