Friday, November 15, 2013

Green Cove History

November 11, 2013: What to say, what to say. This week has really flown by so fast. It feels like i was just writing you yesterday. But hey i got some emails from mom finally that's all ways nice to see that she loves me enough to actually write me. Na i do love you mom. But the pictures that you tried to send didn't work, you might need some help with that. So it sounds like the big news back home is all about Loki. I am so jealous that you have a puppy. Figures that you would finally get one when i am gone. But i do love the pictures, he looks so cute. And for you questions mom, the Elder in the picture was my companion Elder Greenlaw and as for the fort i really have no idea which one it was. It wasn't the big fort that is in st. Augustine, it is a smaller one there. Well as for how things are going here with me they are going pretty good. This week was a pretty good week. We got some new investigators and a couple of them are pretty solid. None have baptismal dates yet, but they soon will. This week i had my first bike crash. We were riding on some gravel and i was just messing around, and i turned a little to sharp and my bike flew out from under me. It really wasn't that bad, just a little scrap. But today i am taking my bike to the shop. I need to get some work done on it. Not because of the crash. I need new brakes, mine at totally shoot. I have been riding the past month with pretty much no brakes. And i also need to take care of a few other things on it. So we found out a little about this area here in Fleming Island and Green Cove the two areas that we cover. Apparently in the past i think in the late 1800's early 1900's sometime around then, missionaries in Green Cove were tared and feathered, and one of them died from it. And after that it just got so bad that missionaries were taken out of the area and a general authority came in and dusted his feet off the the whole city. And Green Cove still to this day is not really that great of an area. And when it comes to missionary work there nothing happens. You find amazing people and they either disappear or become uninterested, and the sisters have most of that area and they have been having a really hard time. So this week some people are going to talk to the mission president about it and the ward is going to try and have a fast some time just for Green Cove and missionary work, opening it back up. So we will see all that goes on with that. Well that's about it. I love you all so much. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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