Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Power Hour"

October 15, 2013: Sounds like my little family back home has been having a lot of fun and a lot of things are going on. I am just assuming that by the time i come home is 2 years that you will still be fixing things and unpacking or maybe you will just have finished right before i get there. Oh and mom have fun repacking all my things if you are going to do that. I have a lot so it should be fun for you, just DON'T let the girls get into or take any of my stuff, i know how they are . And as for the girls having enough room for stuff, they have to much stuff in the first place (way, way to many clothes) so they just need to get ride of some things, and that would solve the problem. Oh and mom i read your talk and it was really good. So from the sounds or it, it sound like you are going to be more friendly to the missionaries and FEED them, maybe . And Dad wow you already have a calling and it's in the high priest, not bad, oh and i have to say i have meet quite a few people out here that are your age but you seem 10 years younger then them, they all look old. But who knows, with all this moving and living in a full house, those gray hairs might over take your head!!!! So mom have you got a calling yet or are they going to make you the relief society president here in a bit? Oh and answer to moms question, when i called my companion a ginger that means he is a red head. So as far as my week has gone it has been pretty good. On tuesday we had zone meeting which was really good, might have been the best one since i have been here. And President Craig was even there. At one point during it we were talking to him and he told Elder Madden and i that Elder Madden would be getting transferred, so we had a little early notice than most did. Also at zone meeting they mainly talked about two things one was "Golden Hour" which i changed the name of it to "Power Hour" just because I like the sound of it better but really what it is all about is that you set aside an hour each day for just finding and nothing else, whether it is tracting or walking though a parking lot talking to everyone or what ever ideas that we have, we can even be creative with it so hey if you have any ideas for me that would be great, because tracting really doesn't do much, people just get annoyed with up because it is like the 10th time missionaries have knocked on there door. The other thing that they focused on at zone meeting was a new lesson that they want us to start doing with members out here. It's from the "Power of the Everyday Missionary" (that book you sent me a while ago) And the lesson is mainly about setting goals for how many invites that you can do in a two week period, whether you get no's or yes's. So far this week we have done this lesson with 3 families in this ward, including the ward mission leader. But one cool story about it is that with one family we did this lesson with, it was a dad, mom, 14 year old daughter, and a 6 year old daughter. Most of they didn't think that they could get a lot and set goals for 4 and 5 invites, but then the 6 year old, who understood perfectly what we were talking about (by the way she has already read the Book of Mormon) set the bar high for her family and said that she could invite 20 people. The amazing thing about little kids is that they have no fears. So that's how the first part of our week went. Then on Thursday we had district meeting and at the time there was only 3 companionships in it because the 4th one of the sister went home. That sister was actually one that came out with me. Funny thing is, out of the 26 missionaries that came out with me, a lot of them have are gone now. 6 or 7 of them went home for what ever reason, 1 or 2 are now in another mission when they split boundaries and 1 is in brazil while 2 more are waiting to go. So needless to say our group is dwindling down fast for some reason. But oh well. But on the brighter side of things the ward here is pretty awesome. The feed us pretty well, even though the sisters get feed more. But we do get quite a few meals. Our ward mission leader feed us on friday and we had steak and twice baked patatos. The steak was probably the best i have ever had and it was HUGE. It filled me fast which doesn't happen that often. Then last night another family feed up, who feeds us every monday, but last night we had shrimp and grits, and it was the second time i have had grits out here. The first time i did not like it at all but this time they made it really good. Oh an i have found out that i am in LOVE with shrimp, no matter how it is made it is soooo good. Alright so last night we had our transfer conference call to see where everyone was going. So as i said Elder Madden is leaving, he is heading over to Lake Butler. And i am staying here and my new companion is Elder Greenlaw. I don't know anything about him except he came out the transfer before me, so it will be fun. I guess the Brethren or Church leaders said that they want missionaries to start staying together longer and in the same area from around 6 to 9 months, so we will see how that all goes. Well i think that's about it. Man did i write a lot, i guess that just means i don't have to really write much next week. Love you all so much!!! Elder Jeremy Johnson DADDY How is my daddy doing. Sounds like he is having a lot of fun with out me in a full house. Something that i forgot to say in my letter to everyone is that we have been biking a lot. So since i have gotten to Fleming Island we have put on about a little over 600 miles. Crazy ya i know. My back tire is so warn down and finally yesterday i got a stick in it and it went flat. turns out there was more than one hole in it. So today i got a new tube, and switched the tires so the more worn down one is in front and when my other tire gets worn down also i will have to get new tread, but i'm putting it off for as long as i can. Other than that things are going pretty good. So i just heard that caleb is opening up a new area and training at the same time. Sounds like he is doing good. well thats about it. Love ya dad Jeremy

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