Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bike Challenges

September 9, 2013 Wow, So a lot has happened for you guy this past couple weeks. You have really been busy. The pictures that you sent look pretty good. I like Jared's pirates flag, it adds a nice touch to the house. When all is said and done and you finish all the cleaning and painting and unpacking you need to send me pictures of all the house and all the outside. Oh and on a side note before i forget i have to get some bike parts and have some bike work done today on my bike so i have to use my home card. I already we to walmart and got the parts. now we will be going to the bike shop and having the work done. So this past week has been really interesting. I am now in my new area here in fleming island the address is (2285 Marsh Hawk Lane 3-305 Fleming Island 32003 FL). When i got here the apartment was in really bad shape. It was a 4 man apartment but they moved them out because the church doesn't want any four man apartments anymore. So we have been doing a lot of cleaning because it wasn't in the greatest shape. Its in a really nice complex and there are nice people here. They just had a Luau a couple days ago for all the recidents here. We weren't able to make it but came back when it was ending. We will actually be moving out of our apartment into another one here in the same complex because this one i guess is to big for us now. My new companion is Elder Madden he seems pretty cool. We have been really working hard these past couple of days. This use to be a car share area with two sets of missionaries but we just got a set of sisters here in our ward, so they took the car and we are now a full bike area. So we have been riding our bikes like crazy, and really getting a work out. My knees are starting to act up and hurting. But i think its because the bike it being dumb and i am having to push hard with it right now. But hopefully my knees will get better after i get the bike fixed. I think i have just been putting to much strain on them right now. The members out here are really nice, I have only been able to meet a couple of them and have dinner at their house but they seem pretty nice. Yesterday we had stake conference also and the presidency was changes so we had some general authorities there. So i have now been to two stake conferences in a month, since in my last area we had one also. We actually have an investigator here named rick that will be getting baptized on sunday we will be meeting with him tonight. He is marrying one of the bishops daughters. Other than that not much else has happened. It rains at least once a day here. But it comes and goes really fast. Just the other night we had a crazy lightening storm and we had to stay at a members for 3 hours because we are on bike and they don't want us going out during lightening storms, since this is the lightening capital of the country and so many people get hit. But i did get some good pictures though. I will have to send them to you some time. Well i have to get going but i love you all, and try not to have to much fun cleaning without me. Love Elder Jeremy Johnson

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