Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sushi? "YUM"

September 16, 2013 My Family, How are things going? It looks like you have been having a lot of fun with the house and trying to get everything clean. I can't believe that you actually moved. It's weird to think that i will one day go home to Enuclaw and not Spokane. Oh in the ward here there are quite a few people that have been to Spokane, 2 or 3 of them actually served their missions there. This area here is pretty nice we haven't seen any alligators here but do get a lot of lightening. Mom the way that you capture the picture is to film the lightening and then go back and pause the camera where the lightening is and make is a picture. Thats what we did. My new companion Elder Madden is pretty cool. He is from Portland Oregon, and is a ginger . But he's not to bad. We will continue to be on bike for the rest of the transfer maybe even longer. We go around 20 miles a day. It really is a work out. My knees are getting better. Not hurting as much, and my bike is holding up now after the work we had to do on it. The disc brakes from time to time act up, but nothing to bad. We have a pretty nice apartment, especially after all the cleaning we have done. It was in pretty bad shape but now isn't to bad. Our P-days out here aren't that exciting. Since we are on our bikes we don't want to bike that far to do something so we just relax, do some shopping and write emails. We now don't have a time restriction on how long we have to write emails. Oh and Mom as for St. Augustine, It's not in our area but in our zone. We go there for zone meeting, but i do want to go there some time and look around. Now as for the week. It has been going pretty well. We have been doing a lot of biking because our area is so spread out, but we do try and see people. We are not having much luck on getting new investigators but that is going to change this week. That is what we will be focusing on. Right now we do have a couple but they are not really progressing right now. Just yesterday we had a baptism, my first baptism out here. His name is Rick. He is engaged to the bishops daughter and they are getting married in December. The members out here are not really into missionary work but they do love us. They have us over for dinner all the time. There was only one day this past week that we had dinner at our apartment. Some nights we even had two dinners which is actually hard out here with how much they feed you. But the nice thing is they will usually give us a ride home afterward so we don't have to bike on a full stomach. Oh and even one day after Ricks baptismal interview he and Sara (bishops daughter) they took us our for sushi. First time i have ever had sushi, it was cooked by the way. Other whys i probably wouldn't touch it. It was actually pretty good. Then again everything that i have eaten since i have been out here has been good. The mission itself out here is going pretty good there are issues here and there and for some reason even though i'm not a leader or anything like that i know everything that is going on. With the mission and will missionaries in general. Right now there are over 200 missionaries and there are even more on the way. Lots and lots of Sisters. Soon there will be more sisters than elders. Well thats about it mom and dad i hope you enjoyed the pics that i sent. And i am going to start sending these letters to the whole family so just maybe they will write me some time. Cough cough (Laura) Cough. Oh and can i get Laura's email, maybe if i email her she will respond. Tell her is doesn't have to be perfect. Well i love you all. Jeremy

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