Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Family is Moving

August 19, 1013 WOW, It officially is final. You are actually moving. That is so sad and so crazy. And it sounds like things are happening fast. But hey at least you have Laura and Anna-Marie to help you for the time. But man i am sure going to miss Spokane when i get home. I guess that just means i will have to borrow Dads new BMW at the time to go and visit all my friends there. But hey i'm excited for you it will be good and alot of fun. Now lets see Dad you are talking about sending things on an MP3. Music and talks would be amazing for it. But im not sure about letters from you on it. Cause they don't want us to have head phones in our ears because you are suppose to be unified with you companion or somethings and what ever you listen to he does. So i say it would be nicer if you could type it or write it and send it. And the songs that you have emailed me i can get but i have nothing to put them on. Oh and yes Mommy i did get the package and i loved it. The food was so good. Most of it is gone now, But i guess thats what happens to food. And it pictures were awesome. It looks like you all have a lot of fun without me on that trip. But i didn't see any pictures of rafting. So as for me here, everything is going good. Things are slow but fast. The time flys by so fast it's crazy. We are out everyday talking to a lot of people. But we don't get to teach very many lessons. We do have a couple investigators that are doing good. None a a baptismal date but they will soon. This week i went on two trade offs. One with the zone leaders and another with another misionary, Since my companion is a district leader we go on a lot of them. And for some reason everyone opens up to me. Which i thing is kinda cool that they trust me. So all that happened and then this weekend we had Stake Conference and Elder Corbridge from the 70 was there. We were planning on going to the adult session on saturday but got caught up helping a lady move for 4 hours. It was suppose to be all the elders quorum there but it was just us and the elders quorum president and we missed the adult session but that was alright because that is where we were needed at the time. Then yesterday we went to conference and it was really good. But apparently the adult session was amazing. Oh and earlier this week i was talking to President Craig and he told me that he will be opening up two new zones with all these missionaries coming in. Crazy whats going on. Well thats about it. I will probably remember others stuff later in the day but thats just how it works. Anyway i Love you all so much and have fun with the move. Love Jeremy

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