Sunday, October 13, 2013

Who's Jealous???

September 30, 2013 Mommy, Daddy, Everyone else, How are things going? It sounds like you all are still having lots and lots of fun with the house. Maybe some day it will finally be finished, and you will get to enjoy it for a little while. So i have to say i am a little jealous of you. You will actually have a Fall, Winter, and Spring. Right now since we are in the middle of Fall it doesn't feel like it. Temperatures are up is the 80's sometime they might hit the 90's and the humidity is still a killer. Especially with all we have been biking the sweet is awe full. Normally it will rain at least once a day and it comes and goes fast. But this past week is has been cloudy the whole time and rainy. But not as much as you all from what i hear it is pretty bad over there. Since i'm from Washington and my companions is from Portland Oregon people like to tell us all that is going on over there. And there are quite a few that have lived in spokane years and years ago or served there missions there. I have already meet 3 in our ward that have served there mission in Spokane, they we all back in the 80's though. Our week hasn't been to bad we have been out a lot and doing a lot of biking and talking to people. This week i went to St. Johns for trade offs with the district leader and there ward was way big 250 people, compared to what i'm use to of less than 100 people. But hey out ward here is still full of some way cool people. We don't talk to our ward mission leader much but he works with the sisters a lot. But the ward i think likes us better because we seem to get feed more, and boy o boy do they feed you good down here. We don't have any solid investigators down here but we do have some really nice ones. All of them love to have us over just they won't commit right now. One of them is pretty cool. His name is Rocky and he and his dad fix up antic cars from scratch and they do a really good job to. Which reminds me i was able to get permission and check out the blog that you have done for me. It was pretty cool. But a little not updated, like the address you have one there. Other than that i really liked it. Mom you are getting good with blogs. Oh and so this week is going to be kinda interesting because we have two trade offs that we are going on. One for another one with the district leader. And then the Zone leaders want to go on a full 24 hr trade off for some reason. Usually they might once every couple months go on a short exchange but they only go on full 24 hr ones with the district leader. So we can't figure out why they want to do it with us. I told Elder Madden it's because they are going to see if he is Zone leader material since we will be getting at least two new zone leaders at this up coming transfer, but he doesn't like that idea. And hey mom i like you idea for general conference i think hopefully that will work and bring all the family together. For us general conference won't be broadcast to the building here because there don't have satellite or what ever it is you need. And we can't go to the stake center because it's to far so we have to go to members homes to watch it. And it is going to be weird to watch it out here because in Washington the time is one hour earlier but here is is two hours later, a three hour difference than what i'm use to. So the time are at 12, 4, and the priesthood session is at 8 and doesn't get over till 10 which is going to be really interesting. And it's cool home the priesthood session will be broadcast everywhere. And as for your questions mom my knees are doing better, they only hurt every once in a while, but i think that our family is all connected some how because i am starting to get sick to. I have had a cough and headaches every now and then. So how are you all doing? Any cool stories to tell? Has anyone found a job yet or have you just not started looking yet? Oh and hey if you ever feel like it any one of you, i would love to have some music whether on a ipod/mp3 or a cd. You should tell anna-marie and jared that. Oh and you never did send me a picture of the car what's up with that? Love you all. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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