Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Awesome Lesson

October 7, 2013: Well sounds like you all are having a lot of fun in the house painting. Anna-marie had the right idea and always had some where to be it sounds like. And hey dad didn't write me this week. Whats up with that. Oh well i guess mom can love me more than Dad every now and then. Well as for my week it has been pretty good. It did go by way way to fast but thats alright. On tuesday we had trade offs with the district leader so i was in st. johns and then on wendesday we had trade offs with the zone leaders and i went to St. Augustine for the day so i have hardly been in my area this week. But when i was in St. Augustine we had a pretty awesome lesson with one of their families that they are teaching. It was way powerful. Both of us afterwards said that it was the most powerful lesson that either of us have ever had. Then we i got back to Fleming Island we went out and found two new investigators who are pretty cool. And then to end the week we had general conference. So i have to say we were busy the whole week. General Conference was way good. It was the first time that i ever really looked forward to listening and the time during it flew by instead of dragging on and on. I don't know if i have a favorite they were all pretty good. But we did miss the morning session on saturday because we were helping a family move but we did get to see the rest of it. But i really can't pick out a favorite though. It was interesting that Elder Holland talked about Depression, because i guess a lot of people including missionaries are suffering from it. Oh and the priesthood session was pretty good to. So now for some interesting news. Now for some exciting news, Ben just told me that he is planning on serving a mission. He is working on the paper work right now. He says he wants to leave in January around his birthday time. So that will be pretty exciting for him. well i think thats about it we are going to go play tennis dodgeball as a district today which should be fun. You take rackets and tennis balls and you can only touch the balls with the racket and you have to hit people. You get some pretty good bruises. Well i love you all. Have fun painting. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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