Sunday, October 13, 2013

Transfer-Fleming Island

September 3, 2013 First off, Dad and Laura i am so sorry for forgetting that your birthdays were last week. I remembered during the week but forgot when i was writting the letter. So it soundslike moving is going good. Dad i guess you just like to get down and get dirty. And wow that cool that Gabby showed up to help you move. I thought she was in tri-cities. So how did the rest of the move go? From the sound of it, when all is said and done you all will be taking a full day of sleep to recuperate. So as for life here in Florida, it has been really interesting. This past week we have worked harder than we ever have. Elder Craynor said that was the hardest he has ever worked for a whole week since he has been out. This past week was the end of the month and we were running out of miles so we were on bikes quite a bit. And we did a lot of service. On Thursday we helped a family move from one house to another. We were told that the elders quorum would be doing all the big stuff on friday but they still wanted us to help a little on thursday. So we showed up in our shirts and ties thinking that we wouldn't be doing that much but boy were we wrong. We did all i mean all of the big and heavy stuff in out shirts and ties. and it was a really hot day. This week was the hottest it has been all year. So when we were finished with the move we got into our car but wouldn't start. All there was, was a click. So the bishop came and gave us a jump, but still didn't work. So we got on bikes for a couple hours and meet us with the bishop later and charged the car for 20 mins. and finally it started. Then friday was a day of service also. We helped this one couple who lived in a trailor clean it and man that was horrible. I have never seen so many cockroaches in my live. There were millions and millions of them, and i'm not joking about that. It was really bad, you would pick up a dvd or a book and shake it and out would fall 40 to 50 roaches. So we helped them clean for 1 1/2 hours and then we had another service project to get to. So though out this whole week we were also knocking on a lot of doors and talking to a lot of people. We even meet a Jehovah witness who was actually interested in what we had to say. But most of the people that we ran into even less-active we find out are going the the Journey Church out here. This place is huge and is pretty much like the great and spacious building. But in the end we did a lot of work and worked our little hinnys off, and if you look at the numbers it look like we did nothing. We taught only 6 lessons this past week and 4 of them were members. It has just been a really rough past couple weeks. We are just waiting for the blessing to start to come. They probably won't happen until Elder Craynor get his new trainee. And that will be tomorrow. I will be getting transfered to Flemming Island In Jacksonville tomorrow. Sad to go but it will be good. Oh also yesterday morning to only make matters worse when we got out to our car in the morning it was dead, same problem as before. The battery is brand new so it is probably a problem with the alternator or the started, so we biked all day again. Then this morning a tow truck picked the car up and took it to the shop. And when we were getting ready to head out on bike to come do emails, Elder craynor had a flat tire and in the process of fixing it it just got worse. The allinment is off and the brakes are messed up now. So a member picked us up and we took the bike to the shop. So we have really been having a lot of fun. On the bright side im leaving right when the car starts acting up. Anyway thats about it for me. Hope you all are having fun and i look forward to hear about all the interesting stories that you are having. Love you all. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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