Tuesday, March 11, 2014


February 18, 2014 ---- Wow, this week has been amazing. It has probably been our best week in a long time. Just so much good has happened. So lets start off at the beginning of the week, I told you already about Tiffany the wonderful black lady that came to church last week, well early in the week we went over and had a powerful lesson with her, we taught her about the restoration and watched the video that goes along with it. At the end we asked her to be baptized and she said yes for March 1st!!!!! The next day we saw them again at the church cause they had a meeting with the bishop and when we got there she said she knows everything is true and wants to be baptized now, but she has to come to church a couple more times before that, but she is so ready, she knows what the spirit is and loves it. The only sad part about all of this is i am getting transfered tomorrow so i won't be here for her baptism. I will be going to the Orange Park 2nd ward, with another elder who has only been out 3 months, should be go. Now we also got to see one of our investigators this week, we haven't been able to see him in two months, but finally got in, it didn't end well, the member we brought with us and our investigator Gary were going back and forth talking about the bible, getting frustrated and all, it was still interesting none the less. Then came along Valentines day, and you wouldn't believe what happened, i got a package from my family, a bunch of goodies, oh ya it was so nice. So for valentines night we didn't have anyone that signed up for dinner so we went to Chilli's, ended up seeing quite a few members there and Chelsie the one that was getting baptized. Which was the very next day, and boy was that a full day. In the morning the sisters had a baptism that we went to, it was a little 12 year old girl and then that night was Chelsie's baptism, it was amazing, her parent who are not members came and really enjoyed it. The spirit was so strong there. Then afterward you know how you usually have refreshments, well her mom did a full on dinner for everyone, and boy was it good, we even got all of the left overs. Then the next day Chelsie received the Holy Ghost and a miracle happened, her parents came to church for it, they weren't planning on it until that morning and they just felt like they should come, it was probably the best sacrament meeting we have had there in a long time, the speakers were really good and they talked about families the whole time. It all went really well. Then Yesterday came along and we had a day full of service, our morning was spent cleaning carpets and in the afternoon we were making a patio for a lady. It turned out pretty well. So i guess we did have a good week. And our numbers look really good to, we taught lots of lessons this week. Now for the bad news. Woke up this morning and found out that our bikes were stolen. On saturday after the baptism we had left them at the church hidden behind some bushes and on sunday they were still there and then yesterday, we didn't need them and then today we went to get them and they were gone, no one know what happened to them. Kinda sucks. I won't have a bike in my new area. Good thing it's a car share area. That well be nice. Well thats about it i love you all so much. Elder Jeremy Johnson

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