Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Someone Stole My Bike!

February 24, 2014 ----- Oh how i miss my family, but still love being a missionary. So lets see, just to catch up on what happened to my bike, turns out it's kinda a funny story. So the Sister missionaries in the ward there thought they would be funny and hide our bikes from us, and then when we told them that our bikes got stolen they thought it would be funny to let us sweat it out. Me personally i wasn't to worried i knew i would figure something out but my companion was freaking out like no other and then that night at like 9:30 the sisters call us and tell us what they did, so needless to say the games have begun, to bad i'm not in the area anymore, but they are definitely gonna get them back, i told Elder Greenlaw that he should saran wrap their car, we'll see how that goes. Now as for my new area, i think i have a curse, every time i go to an new area they always get the car taken away right when a get there. And thats what happened here, it was a car share area but now it's an all bike area, whats up with that, more biking, how am i suppose to gain weight when they put me on a bike all the time. . So my new area Orange Park is pretty nice there's alot more stores and businesses out here so it's a little different that what i'm use to. My new Companion is Elder Russell, he has been out 6 weeks and is already an amazing missionary, he definitely came out prepared. And of course he is from Utah, go figure. Anyway so it's us and 3 other sets of missionaries in this ward, ya crazy. There's another set of Elders, a set of spanish Elders, and a set of sisters. Way to many missionaries for me in one ward, but we will make it work. Now as for our past week, it went pretty good. Did a lot of biking in the rain and got soaked a couple of times, no biggy. As for all the people i have meet here i am totally lost, so many new names and new faces, it hard to keep up. We do though have a baptism for this saturday, it's a little sketchy on the situation though so we will have to see how it turns out. Oh so lets see this last friday was probably the worst day i have had in a long time. So many appointments fell threw, it was raining the whole time, had to change clothes once, our dinner appointment cancelled, which is always said, and in general it was just rough, then that night we had an appointment with a guy way far away, so as i was following my companion we came up to the freeway, he stops and turns around and says that we got to get on the freeway otherwise we have to bike an extra 6 miles. I questioned it at first and then decided to go along with it. Oh and by the way it was dark out to. So we took off, went up the on ramp and got on the freeway for a mile, it was so sketchy, ran over a few hub caps, and one more thing we had no front lights either and it was dark, both our lights were dead. Anyway so finally we got to the guys house and you wouldn't believe it he wasn't home, go figure with how our day was already going. So as we were heading to go to another place, a lady got a flat tire and we changed it for her, she was really nice and said she would come to church next week, hopefully she does. Then all top of all this on the way home my companion had a pretty nasty crash, kinda sucks to be him, but funny to watch, we all have crashed like there from time to time. Anyways so thats the story, there a lot of other things that happened i just can't think of them for some reason. Remember i love you all so much. More than the skittles that fall from all the rainbows.

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