Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Loving Orange Park

March 3, 2014 ---- Well, well, what has happened this past week. Where do I begin. Let's see I am loving the my new area, the people here are amazing. There is this family in the ward that feeds us ever week, usually takes us to Buffalo Wild Wings, anyway this Last Tuesday they took us there and oh is was amazing, probably the best wings I've had on my mission, but they still don't compare to yours mom. Anyway it turns out that they love doing birthday parties also and mine will be the same day as their sons, so that will be real fun, so after we had dinner that night we did some Geo Cashing, which is pretty cool, you would like it, you should check it out. Oh and for as our teaching goes out here it is really good. We are getting a lot more Teaching done in a week than I ever have in my mission and with the four sets of missionaries In Our ward it is crazy that we are getting as much as we are. We have one Investigator with a baptismal date, her name is Lisa, but she is struggling with the word of wisdom so we will have to push it back a bit, but she is so solid, every commandment we tell her she commits to, except for smoking, but she is really trying, she went from a pack a day to 2 a day if that. Oh and we are also teaching six kids between the age of 8 to 13, their parents are members but have been inactive for a while, but we talked to them earlier and set a date for the kids to be baptized on the 29th of march, oh ya so exciting. Oh and do you remember to movie Blind Side, the main character is Big Mike, well guess what we found our Big Mike out here, and he has committed to read the Book of Mormon and is so excited to see us tomorrow. There are just people popping up left and right for us to teach, it is so amazing. Now for some funny stories. So this week it has rained a lot, and one day while it was just pouring out, we decided to bike over to the bike shop cause my back tire was all messed up. They said to come back to next day, and after we left the bike shop that day both my front and back brakes went out. So i was having to use my foot on the tire to stop all day, anyway so i took the bike to the shop the next day and had them do work on it, and i also got some fenders so i wouldn't get totally soaked the next day. All in all the charged my a lot, most of it was for the service though, and i droped like 110 dollars on it, ouch. Now for the funny story, a couple weeks ago before i came here some of the missionaries got pedicures and said they loved it, so guess what we did this morning, ya we went and got a pedicure and i have to say it felt amazing, the main reason why i did it though was because i have had an ingrown toe nail for the past 8 months and i was ready to get ride of it. So besides that today has been going pretty well, and soon we will be going bowling. Love Elder jeremy Johnson --------------------------- P.S......As for the area i love it, there are so many amazing members here that are so nice to us. And the work here is amazing, we have so many people to teach and more and more just keep popping up left and right, i've never had work this amazing my entire mission. I feel like Heavenly Father is blessing me but i really don't know why. Well i guess i will just accept the blessing and thank him for it. Remember Mom that i love you, i love you more than all the word that have ever been written or typed in all of history, ya thats right, that is a lot. Love ya, Jeremy

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