Monday, February 9, 2015

Tea Time in February

"Tea time"
"We helped out the relief society, set up for their activity."
(Mom taught him well.)

February 9, 2014  "Awesome Lesson"
What a week, as I try to look back on it there is so much that happened. So let me take you back to the very beginning, Monday night, we were dead tired from playing basketball all day and really didn't want to go out and work that night, but we told ourselves to man up and do it, and guess what, MIRACLE!! We visits a part member family that night, one that we had been working with for a while and we had an awesome lesson with her 9 year old son and set a baptism date with him for March the 22nd, he's a interesting one to teach, we have to take lots of breaks, throw a football, do something active to keep his attention, because he gets distracted really easily. But it will all be good. Then Wednesday we had district meeting which went pretty well, afterwards all the elder went out to lunch at Chillis. After which we went on trade offs with elders in the crescent city, we split up and we're heading out when we get a call, my companion had crashed the car, just a little fender bender, and he hit a metal flat bed truck and had pretty much no damage done to it but our car was in bad shape, to fix everything it will cost a total of 4,000 dollars, ouch. Needless to say elder Riley was told he can't drive for the rest of his mission, the mission office gave us another car to use while we wait for ours to get fix. But after that the rest of the week went pretty well, saw a lot of people and had some great lessons. Set another baptism date with a girl by the name of Lillie, she is 20 and is from porta Rico. She's been reading the things we leave her and is getting more and more into it. Life is good and I'm loving it. Love y'all


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